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  • Serving hot pizza, homemade soup, and over 20 items on our Salad Bar. Monday – Friday, 11am-2pm $11.50 per Adult 12 years old or younger: $0.50 per year.

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Blcd Honey

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Blcd Honey

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Aiken Honey Blcd

Popular phys-ed teacher Toshimitsu Sugaya has been given the assignment of keeping an eye on a gang of thugs in the school, particularly their leader Tatsumi Yoshino, the “Devil of Nami High.”

However, he soon finds out that not only is Yoshino a decent guy, but he’s been idolizing Sugaya for over a year!

It doesn’t take long for Yoshino to win over the reluctant teacher and the two start a secret love affair.

Blcd Honey Salad Dressing

Can a teacher/student relationship really work and how long can these two hide their secret?

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