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  3. Bmw X5 Passenger Door Won't Open From Outside
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Take the panel apart when the door is open then shut the door and lock it and see what happens. The moving parts in the door dont rely on the door panel so its safe to remove when the door is open. He can't open the door from inside or outside. Which means he can't open it at all. Which means it's permanently closed. Source: bmw x5 2001 -driver outside door handle will not open door. Driver outside door handle will not open door. Froze up in ice storm and appeared to break when tried to open door. Inside handle still works. Is diy repair feasible? Posted on feb 12, 2010. BLOG ARTICLE: us on Facebook - us on Twitter -

The short version is this: If the inside and outside door handles won't physically open the door, then the dealer will cut off your trim - they aren't going to go to the effort of trying to save it, especially if you have a warranty or they can charge you for it.

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2013 BMW X5

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2013 BMW X5 Owner Comments

problem #13


  • 92,530 miles
The care was off overnight in the garage unlocked. In the am, in the garage, there was a smell of burnt electronics. Noticed something on the behind the driver's door handle and the same thing dripped down the door and some on the floor. Looking closer at it, it appears that something overheated in the door handle and melted a hole in the backside of the handle which caused some melted material, plastic or rubber to spray on the door panel and drip down the door. I checked the fuse that corresponds to the door handle, specifically the comfort access feature and found the fuse to be blown. This all happened overnight with the car not running or otherwise occupied. I am concerned that this could have resulted in a fire and suspect that the fuse doing it's job prevented a fire from occuring.

- Westerville, OH, USA

problem #12Bmw x5 passenger door wont open from outside door knob


  • miles
Doors won¿T open from inside or out. You can open only the drivers door with the key only. This is the second time in 10 months that this has happened with this car. This is very unsafe and BMW will not fix it my warranty has been exspiref for three days. You would think they would fix it where it's been less than a year since the last time and it was under warranty.this happen after driving to work came out to unlock car and nothing would unlock. Had to use key. This is a major safety thing for me because if something happen you can¿T get out of the car

- Danville, WV, USA

problem #11


  • 96,000 miles
On Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, my wife and 19-month old son were at the park and returned to the vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot. My wife had the key fob in her bag. She placed her bag on the floor of the car, just behind the front passenger's seat. She placed our son in his car seat, strapped him and closed the door. The vehicle then proceeded to lock itself, thus locking my son in and my wife out. She had to call ems to come and break open the car in order to gain access, this took close to 15-20 minutes total in which time my son was trapped in the car with temps in excess of 100 degrees as it was about 90 outside at the time it occurred. This is a known issue with BMW's comfort access feature. There has already been one class action lawsuit for owners to recover expenses, however I feel this is a bigger issue. If a person or pet, who are unable to operate doors or locks, get trapped in a vehicle it could very easily result in death under the right circumstances. When they pulled him from the car he was soakeddd in sweat, glossy eyed and out of it. This was a terrible experience that no one should ever have to go through and I feel BMW should step up and fix these vehicles. I don't care if that's replacing the system or taking it out, it's dangerous. Https:// this is literally the same story of what happened to us... BMW describes the comfort access system as follows: ¿the vehicle can be accessed without activating the remote control. All you need to do is to have the remote control with you, e.g., in your jacket pocket. The vehicle automatically detects the remote control when it is nearby or in the passenger compartment. Comfort access supports the following functions: Unlocking/locking of the vehicle.¿

- Raleigh, NC, USA

problem #10


  • 61,000 miles


While driving one rainy afternoon on a city road, I noticed smoke coming from under the hood. The smoke turned into flames. I pulled over and called 911. An off duty police officer stopped and had a fire extinguisher. He was able to put out most of the fire until the fire department showed up and finished the job. The firemen thought that the fire started in the air bag control module. The BMW dealer said that the fire started in the wiper motor. The car was at the dealer the previous week for the air bag recall.

- Apex, NC, USA

problem #9


  • 78,000 miles
My 2013 BMW X5 35D was in motion on a city street, when it stalled, lost all power and ultimately would not restart. I was able to get it to the side, but not off the road and it was towed to the BMW dealership where they discovered that there had been a still unidentified sourced, fuel leak into the electrical harness and finally pooling into the dde component, frying the dde component to failure. There was enough fuel in the dde component that it was drained into a drip pan and fuel covered the wiring connection points as well as had discolored the wiring. I was informed that had this been a gas engine and not diesel, it would have probably caught on fire as fuel was able to access and travel across the electrical wiring in the car. BMW has refused to help in anyway to investigating the reasoning for this happening and or any repairs that would be involved as they 'do not have a financial responsibility because the car is no longer under warranty' I feel that this is an opportunity for them to discover the reasoning without the destruction of evidence that a fire would have caused and they are choosing not to do so as to claim ignorance to the safety issues that this happening represents.

- Aurora, CO, USA

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problem #8


  • miles
Warning light on dash that reads 'fault in passenger restraint system affecting airbag, tensioner or belt-force limiter.' BMW dealer (roadshow BMW / memphis) did replace belt tensioner at a cost to me but the error code remains. The passenger seat mat could cause this problem. Has there been a recall on the passenger seat mat? I feel that this is a safety issue dealing with airbags and seatbelts. The BMW dealer in jackson, ms did replace the driver and passenger airbag under a recall but I am still concerned about the safety due to the 'system malfunction...fault in passenger-restraint system affecting airbag' warning light on dashboard. This warning message and seatbelt warning light remains when car is in motion. I bought the car on March 17, 2015 (33,000 miles) from my sister who bought the car new from the BMW dealer in nashville, tn. The error message was on the dash at that time. The car now has approx 64,000 miles.

- Oxford, MS, USA

problem #7


  • 56,000 miles
Bmw x5 doors wont open from outside N63 engine failure and battery charging problems. Engine blows massive amounts of white smoke from rear tailpipes and battery indicator states low charge. This is a known defect to BMW as thousands have complained but BMW is attempting to weasel there way out of this by not releasing a recall.

- Griffin, GA, USA

problem #6


  • 74,000 miles
Vehicle was parked in a parking lot. Wife unlocked doors using left/rear door handle (vehicle has comfort access locking system) and placed baby and diaper bag with key fob into the back seat. She closed the rear door and the door locks immediately locked with no input from my wife. The car would not unlock. Police were called and broke out the rear window. They were unable to open the door using the interior handle. They had to retrieve the key fob from the bag, bring it outside the vehicle, and after numerous attempts were able to unlock the vehicle. After driving the vehicle home, I was able to record video of the locks randomly locking without user input. Vehicle was taken to braman BMW back in August, 2017 for a similar issue and the left/front door handle was replaced. It is disconcerting that occupants can be randomly locked in the vehicle with the key and not be able to use the interior handles to open the doors.

- Boca Raton, FL, USA

problem Bmw x5 doors wont open from outside#5


  • 53,000 miles
Drivers door not opening or closing properly. The inside door handle malfunctions not allowing driver to open door. In some cases after opening door the door actuator does not work properly an maintains door in locked position which prevents closure of door. Both situations are safety concerns with not being able to exit vehicle and/or close door. Issues happen frequently but are hard to reproduce. The only work around is to repeatedly press the door unlock button until door opens or closes. This problem always occurs when stopped and vehicle is in park.

- Highlands Ranch, CO, USA

problem #4


  • 64,000 miles
Scr active tank heating issue Bmw X5 Passenger Door Wont Open From Outside

- Aurora, IL, USA

problem #3


  • 60,000 miles


Faulty door lock actuators cause doors to lock but not unlock with button or key fob. Happened after dealer charged to replace junction box module.

- Chicago, IL, USA

problem #2


Bmw X5 Passenger Door Wont Open From Inside Or Outside

  • 56,000 miles
I heard the engine fan going at max speed. About a mile later, warning messages came on to drive the car moderately and then to pull over and turn it off. Said the engine temperature was too high. Electronic water pump failure

- Temple Hills, MD, USA

problem #1

X5 6-cyl

  • 15,300 miles
On 3 separate occasions the electric door locks have locked the car with the key fob inside the car. On the 1st occasion, a 2 Y/O child had just been strapped into his car seat, a purse with the key inside the purse, was placed on the floor behind the driver's seat, the rear door was closed & all locks were activated. This occurred in the heat of summer & required another driver with a spare fob to quickly drive to the site of the parked car & avoid having to break a window. This was a very scary moment ! same thing happened ( no child in car ) ; all doors locked when a briefcase containing both key fobs was placed on back seat & rear door was closed. A call to BMW hot line resulted in the doors being unlocked via the airways.the same incident occured this week with only one key fob in the car. The vehicle was checked by the local dealer & no problems were found. It seems there is a potential problem & I wish to document such fact so as to hopefully prevent unexpected door lock activation with small children in the car.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

09-03-2013, 04:53 AM
Location: South Africa
Hi all, first off a big thank you to this forum and its members. The assistance you have provided has been invaluable. And am therefore please to contribute as well.
First determine by listening if the actuator is working or not. In my case it was not. So there was no signal from the door module (located on passenger door window switch) to the actuator.
I could therefore not open the door from either the inside or outside. THERE IS NO NEED TO REMOVE DOOR CARD INSITU IN THIS CASE.
What you need to do is “hot wire “ the actuator;
Remove the door switch, using a flat tool, preferably plastic.
Undo all the connectors on the bottom of the unit.
Attachment 60432
The white connector feeds power to the actuator motors.
Attachment 60431
You need to find the BLUE, WHITE and BLACK wires on this connector (PINS 12, 6 & 7)
The BLUE is the common wire with WHITE and BLACK going to the motors in the actuator.
LOCK: +12V to the WHITE/ BLACK wire and –ve/ ground on the BLUE wire
UNLOCK: +12V on the BLUE wire and –ve/ground on the WHITE/ BLACK wire
You have to reverse polarity to LOCK and UNLOCK.
Attachment 60433
TIP: I simply used a small jumper wire and used the existing +12V and –ve available on the big black connector to pulse the actuator.
PM if I have not been clear on any issue and I can also send you a copy of the schematic.

2001 Bmw X5 Passenger Door Wont Open From Outside

Bmw X5 Passenger Door Won't Open From Outside

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