Cartoon Movie Maker Software Free Download For Pc

  1. Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows
  2. Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows 8
  3. Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows 10
  4. Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Window 10
  1. OpenToonz is an open-source animation software for Windows and Mac OS platforms the software is totally free to download from company official website. With this software, you can create an animated character with the available designing tools as shown in the given screenshot.
  2. Cartoon Maker 6.01 can be downloaded from our website for free. The following versions: 6.0, 4.7 and 3.5 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. This program was originally designed by Liangzhu Software. Cartoon Maker lies within Photo & Graphics Tools, more precisely Viewers & Editors.

A 3D animation maker online can be used online to create the 3D animations which 3D animation maker free download will have some specialized tools. These 3D animation maker software are very easy to use and there are many options available in the market.


Cartoons are used not only for comics for kids but are being used in different spheres for a variety of reasons. Cartoon Maker software helps you in creating cartoons from pictures. These are done either by applying graphics to pictures or else it can be done by the user drawing stick figures and then drawing on the bones to their characters using the drawing tools.


Using these softwares one can make Figures, Record sounds, Animate, Export, Flash SWF or an animated GIF files. It is used for easy web publishing as well as when you want to create your own palettes

Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc

Cartoon Generator

This allows you to create cartoons based on your pictures. This is done by applying graphic effects so that the photos look like they have been drawn by hand. This is easy to use and converts these pictures to cartoons extremely fast.


Inkscape is a great cartoon maker software. It helps with free hand drawing, calligraphy, it has text and shape tools, as well as one, can embed bitmaps. Clones can be made of objects as well. It can be used for transforming of images, of raising and lowering or even grouping them together.


This helps to create animated movies and cartoons. You can import pictures and draw from either movies or photographs and sounds or music clips can be added to them. You can then have the finished file which can be exported to Flash SWF or an animated GIF files for easy web publishing.


These are used for creating cartoons. These are simple. All that is needed for the first time cartoonist is stop-motion cartoons. These are like clay figures which are moved around step by step and shot with a photo camera. These photos are then imported into video editing software and then one by one they are placed on frames in a sequence. These appear as if the objects are moving.


Using this software multiple songs can be combined, special effects can be added to videos, a black and white film can be created, videos can be cropped and so much more can be done.

Draw Cartoons

This helps to create skeletal animation and each frame moves to the other smoothly. There are different built-in models and animations can be exported and shared too. With this sound recording is possible. Even those who are amateurs at drawing can create their own characters using the drawing tools or they can also import drawings which exist.

Most Popular Software –

The website allows people to make cartoons of themselves. It is easy to make a cartoon from a photo in just one click. It is free as well and you will be able to convert all images and pictures to cartoons. Multiple adjustments can be made to photos. They can be cropped, color can be added as well as the contrast and brightness changed too. Multiple photos can also be converted in just a click of a button.

What is Cartoon Maker Software?

These are software which helps you to make animated cartoons or even cartoon photos or images. It helps people who want to keep their privacy and still want their pictures on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and so many other sites.You may also see Image Recognition software

It is used to generate Avatars or to create a cartoon strip. It can also be used to edit photos, be more artistic, creative and funky.

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Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows

Today, creating cartoons is not a tough task that only professionals can handle. Literally, anyone can materialise their creations with a number of Desktop Movie Maker tools, ideal for DIY Cartoon Making. Here are 8 top computer animation tools that you can use on your Windows or Mac desktops without the requirement of additional plug-ins or equipments, and cut down 90% or even more of total project cost, than hiring an animator, or hiring an animation studio.

1. Blender

This one is the Facebook of animation. This incredible open source 3D animation video maker, covers the entire pipeline of modelling, rigging, animation, video editing and much more. With the upcoming 2.8 Code Quest, featuring physically based rendering, along with minimum OpenGL version to 3.3, and a host of new features to watch out for.

2. Animiz

Animiz specialises in the idea of self-help cartoon video making, with simplistic templates, and a compact workflow, that is easy to understand. Much like powtoon, this also features 2D animation, on plain graphics, with key features of video editing, sound elements and visual effects. You can have the basic plan for free, while the upgraded versions are priced moderately.

Start Creating An Animation Video with Animiz

3. Powtoon

This is amongst the most widely used online movie makers that are available for free- the basic plan that is. It comes with 2D graphics and allows a web based interface. Create your video by putting together the templates, built in voice elements, cartoon characters, with customisation tools, special effects and transitions. It’s simple, with step by step tutorials available at the site. you may upload your video on YouTube for free. They paid package gets advantages like HD quality and download option.

4. GoAnimate

Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows 8

GoAnimate promises you can make a cartoon video on your own computer, in as less as 5 minutes. Ironic, but you can actually do that. Signing up to the website is all you need to do. The drag and drop custom gives you the access to “unlimited everything”, including templates, scenes, character designs. You can lip sync to make it talk, and music too. Moreover there in an in-built community, wherein you may get followers, and even share your clips too. However, this is not free, the prices start from about $39 a month, and upwards.

5. Animasher

Animasher is a decent web based cartoon video maker, that makes the entire job so simple that it’s fun. You can just drag and drop the characters, humans, animals and objects, and click the “record” button. Your video will instantly be played back. However, it’s not magic since “default” stuff is not always the ideal thing you want. So you can mix and match multiple scenes and characters to create your movie.

6. XTranormal

Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc

The Xtranormal DIY cartoon maker software got a reprieve with the new proprietor, Nawmal Ltd. This is still a web based suit, that is created specially for non-professionals or pros, and is made for those that are not so much conversant with the technical jargon. The suit is separated for Education purpose or business and comes with all the essential features you need like walking characters, in app voice recording and lip sync, customised camera positioning and moves and much more.

Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Windows 10

7. Explee

An DIY cartoon maker based on cloud. It offers a cross platform usability, that’s not only fit for PCs, but also laptops, tabs and smartphones. It comes with a powerful package of whiteboard animation transitions, audio editor, text-to-speech system and a lot more features for creating memorable movies.

8. Biteable

Featured as the simplest video maker in the world, this is offered with a free of cost plan. With hundreds of pre-made video templates, characters and scenes, or you can import your own files, background music, video editorial and sharing. In 3 steps!

Watch a stunning animated video created by Animiz

Cartoon Movie Maker software, free download For Pc Window 10

Animiz All-in-one Animation Video Software for Windows