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دانلود کامپایلر و IDE زبان برنامه نویسی C برای میکروکنترلرهای AVR دانلود CodeVisionAVR Advanced دانلود CodeVisionAVR Advanced 3.10.

  • Seperti judul posting ini kita akan membahas tentang CodevisionAVR V3.12 full. Dimana kelebihan dari versi 3.12 ini yaitu memiliki tampilan wizard yang lebih enak untuk digunakan, serta bisa di hubungkan langsung ke AVR studio. Berikut ini adalah penampakan dari CodevisionAVR itu sendiri.
  • نرم‌افزار CodeVisionAVR یک محیط یکپارچه‌ی توسعه‌ی نرم‌افزار (Integrated Development Environment یا به‌اختصار IDE) است و جهت برنامه‌نویسی و کامپایل زبان C برای میکروکنترلرهای AVR کاربرد دارد؛ در این نرم‌افزار امکان برنامه‌ریزی.
Codevisionavr v3 33 crack download

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Codevisionavr V3 33 Cracked

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Apr 20th, 2013

Codevisionavr V3 33 Crack Download

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Codevisionavr Advanced 3.12 Portable

  1. This is the full cracked version of the software. Download, extract, install, enjoy.
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  4. The CodeVisionAVR C Compiler features a powerful graphic library for LCDs with resolutions from 84x48 up to 800x480 pixels.
  5. The following graphic LCD controllers are currently supported:
  6. DELCOMp X-Graph XG7100 for color TFT 320x232, 480x272, 800x480 LCDs
  7. Solomon Systech SSD1289 for color TFT 240x320 LCDs
  8. Solomon Systech SSD1963 for color TFT 320x240, 480x272, 800x480 LCDs
  9. Solomon Systech SSD2119 for color TFT 320x240 LCDs
  10. Standard & Advanced license:
  11. Samsung KS0108 (equivalent HD61202)
  12. Epson S1D13700
  13. Epson SED1530
  14. Sitronix ST7565 in both parallel and serial modes
  15. UltraChip UC1701 in both parallel and serial modes
  16. Philips PCD8544 (used in the LCDs of the Nokia 3310, 5110 phones).
  17. The graphic LCD library supports both AVR and XMEGA devices.
  18. Unlike graphic libraries from other vendors, the CodeVisionAVR library allows to use any bit of any I/O port in any order for connecting to the graphic LCD module, providing maximal flexibility for the designer:
  19. The graphic library supports the following functions/features:
  20. Ploting pixels
  21. Line drawing with any width between 1..255 pixels. The lines can be solid or have an user defined 8 pixel pattern
  22. Drawing rectangles with any line style as specified above
  23. Drawing rectangles with rounded corners, using solid lines with any width between 1..255 pixels
  24. Drawing polygons with any numbers of points and any line style
  25. Drawing circles and arcs of circles with any point size between 1..255 pixels
  26. Drawing rectangular bars with user defined filling pattern
  27. Drawing a pie slice and filling it’s interior with a solid color
  28. Displaying text in any color using various fonts at any position on the screen, with1 pixel resolution
  29. Font characters can have any width and height up to255 pixels
  30. Fonts can have variable or fixed pitch, and are stored in FLASH memory
  31. Additional fonts can be created from scratch or imported from the installed Windows fonts using the LCD Vision font editor
  32. Both horizontal and vertical spacing between text characters can be set between 0and255 pixels
  33. Saving any rectangular portion of the screen as a bitmap image to RAM, EEPROM or any type of external memory
  34. Displaying on the screen of a bitmap image stored in RAM, FLASH, EEPROM or any type of external memory. The image can be copied directly, or bit-level logical (AND, OR, XOR, NOT) operations can be performed between the image and screen contents.

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