Crystal Reports Xi R2 Redistributable Download

Installing the Crystal Reports Designer is a little bit of a pain. You start with the original, pre-service pack version. Then there’s patches upon patches to install, and Epicor suggests that you install them all–in order–to get up to speed. To confuse things futher, the latest runtimes for Vista/Vantage 8.03.409 is XI R2 .Net 3.0 Runtime SP5 but Epicor 9.04 uses SP6 (6.4, to be exact) and it’s been suggested to me by support to use SP6.4 with Vista. I haven’t experienced any issues running SP6 with 8.03, so that’s fine with me.

  1. The Vendor Supports Crystal Reports XI R2 or Crystal 2008. They do not use Crystal embedded in the.NET setup. They support Crystal in the sense that there are areas where we can attach an RPT file and the Crystal Reports Viewer then pops up and displays the report. This works fine on Win2K3 Server IIS6, but does not on Win2K8 IIS7.
  2. . Redistributable applications that embed the reporting engine Details Application Servers JDK Microsoft IIS 5.0 N/A Microsoft IIS 6.0 N/A Oracle OAS 10G Rel.2 (10.1.2) JDK 1.4.2xx JBoss 4.0.4 JDK 1.4.2xx SAP WAS 6.40 SP11 JDK 1.4.2xx. Crystal Reports XI Release 2 – Service Pack 4.
  3. The SAP Crystal Reports runtime redistributable package contains the assemblies needed to run.NET applications developed with the SAP Crystal Reports SDK. If SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studiois not installed on the target computer, the redistributable package must be installed separately.
  4. The only way I got rid of it was to uninstall CR XI from my computer and then install the R2 download as a clean install. It is a full install and doesn't need XI to be on your computer beforehand. Then the installer nightmare went away.

EpicWeb has Answerbooks # 11811MPS and 9592MPS with links to all the patches if you want to download them, but installing six patches is a little excessive, in my opinion.

Crystal Reports Xi R2 Redistributable Download

Crystal Reports Redistributable Msi

Crystal reports redistributable x64

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The much more tolerable option is as follows:

  1. Download Crystal Reports XI R2A SP4 Full Build and install using the same key you got from Epicor. Don’t use the installer from your CD.
  2. Download Crystal Reports XI R2A SP6 Incremental Build and install.
  3. Check your version (Help -> About Crystal Reports) and make sure it matches
  4. Be glad you didn’t have to install all those patches.

Sap Crystal Reports Redistributable

Crystal reports xi r2 redistributable download 2013

Crystal Reports Xi R2 Redistributable Download Windows 10

For what it’s worth, this should probably work on Epicor 9.04, but I’m not running it to know for sure (and frankly, I’m not sure how many people are running 9.04 at all).
  • Crystal Reports 2008 (and 9.1, XI R1, XI R2) – Version and Download information for Service Packs (SAP wiki)