Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword Quest

Redrix’s Claymore is a Legendary Pulse rifle you can get in Destiny 2. It is a pretty good rifle, with perks that allow you to become a complete high-speed beast, as long as you keep up with the precision kills. Getting the Destiny 2 Redrix’s Claymore rifle might require some help, however. So, here’s how to obtain Redrix’s Claymore in Destiny 2.

  1. To complete this step, you need to score 200 kills with Pulse Rifles in any Crucible.
  2. R/destiny2: All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017. Posted by 24 days ago. Redrix Broadsword quest 2020. Does anyone know how I can start the quest line for Redrix broadsword? I’ve been to Shaxx to see whether he has the playlist quest for it but he does not show nor is.
  3. Redrix Broadsword Quest (1 Review) $5.00 This is a very long Pulse Rifle quest around the Crucible but very worth it as it can 2 burst opponents in the crucible.

Destiny 2 is deleting a number of tough exotic and legendary quests, players should check to see if it's happened to them. And also the Luna’s Howl and Redrix Broadsword Crucible quests.

Destiny 2 redrix broadsword quest update

How to Get Redrix’s Claymore Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2?

Unlocking the Redrix’s Claymore Legendary Pulse Rifle is, technically speaking, pretty simple. All you have to do is to grind in the Crucible until you reach a high enough level. Once you hit the benchmark, you’ll earn Redrix’s Claymore. The bad news is that you’ll have to grind the competitive ranked play until you reach Rank 3, or Fabled. Depending on your skills, this could take a good long while, so strap in for the grind. If you reach Glory Rank “Legend”, you’ll earn the Glory and Grandeur weapon mod. Equip it on the weapon to change its appearance, simple as that. Best of all, when you earn this ornament, you’ll get it on all characters on the given account.

The Redrix’s Claymore is a pretty great weapon, looking at its perks. It comes with a high-impact frame, making it more accurate when you’re standing still and aiming down the sights. It also comes with a Chambered Compensator, Corkscrew Rifling, or Polygonal Rifling. However, there are two specific perks that make it really great. The first one is Outlaw, with which precision kills greatly decrease reload time. The second one is Desperado, where you’re rate of fire is increased when reloading while Outlaw is activated. Combine the two, and you’ll get quite the beast of a rifle, which you can use to mow down enemies at an alarming speed, depending on your accuracy, of course.

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Redrix's Broadsword Guide

With the release of the expansion „Forsaken“, the developers shared new information on the new weapons. Read our Redrix's Broadsword guide to know more about it.

This weapon is unlocked by doing a quest in the Crucible. The weapon will look like a replica of Redrix’s Claymore, which is probably the most exclusive reward from PvP in the current season of the game. You can learn about it in our Redrix's Broadsword guide.

If you want to be on of the lucky guys who own that weapon but you find it time-consuming or hard we can have Redrix's Broadsword pulse rifle for you with our Destiny 2 Redrix's Broadsword Boost Service.

Since the existence of Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword was confirmed, fans have been sharing polarizing opinions on the matter. Some of them question the need for a weapon like this, and others wonder what it will take, to acquire it.

The developers answered that they want more of the players to have a chance of experiencing the perk combo “Outlaw/Desperado”. However, this reply didn’t satisfy players, who think that cloning the Redrix’s Claymore is unnecessary. Especially after what players had to do, to get the previous gun. It is a lot of work to do to get the Redrix's Broadsword pulse rifle.

The quest for the Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword in a few steps:

1) You have to kill 200 enemies with a final blow from a Pulse Rifle in the Crucible

2) You have to get to the “Heroic” valor rank

3) You have to earn 75 double-plays in the Crucible

4) You have to kill 150 enemies with a precision final blow from a Pulse Rifle

5) You have to kill 50 enemies with an arc final blow

Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword Quest Line

You have to kill 50 enemies with a solar final blow

You have to kill 50 enemies with a void final blow

All in the Crucible

6) You have to do 25 matches in “Quickplay” /rotators included/ mode

You have to do 25 matches in “Competitive” mode

You have to do 25 matches in “Rumble” mode

7) You have to finish 20 bounties in the Crucible

8) You have to reset valor rank five times during one season

9) You have to go to Lord Shaxx, to receive your reward

These are all the steps, which players have to complete in this quest. This time, it rids players from the pressure of climbing the PvP ladder. Despite that the time spent in the Crucible is essential, high-skilled players will still get through the quest faster and easier. The hardest parts should be having to reset valor rank 5 times and completing the 75 double plays.

In Conclusion - Destiny 2 Redrix's Broadsword

Even after the developers revealed the steps of the Redrix’s Broadsword pulse rifle quest, some fans remain unhappy. Mainly, it is because of the time-consuming nature of the quest.

Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps

Developers, on the other hand, promise that better weapons will come out in the future. In the end, it is apparent that they want only for players, who are persistent and take the game seriously, to be able to own that gun. Still, only a happy few will probably get their hands on Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword.