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Chacal 3D LinkA. BendiMeradSplit-screen Doom/Wolfenstein clone for 2-player multiplayer games.
Doom for Digita LinkJames SurineDoomD is Doom for the digital camera. Works on Kodak DC260, DC265, DC290 (823 processor), HP C618 & C912 Photosmart and PENTAX EI-200 & EI-2000 (Coldfire processor). Source available as well. Unbelievable, but true!
Doom It Yourself 4.2706 KBAndreas DehmelYesPatches Id's LinuxDoom 1.10 sources for compilation on RISC OS using GCC 2.7.2; you can link against the SharedCLib or UnixLib. Has hi-res, translucency, Boom-compatability and lots of optimisations. Source-only distribution, GPL'ed.
Doom4CE LinkPanutat TejasenDoom for WindowsCE works on Casio E-100/E105/500 and HP Jornada 820. Based on Bruce Lewis' WindowsCE Doom source. Has 'full PC functionality, appearance, playability and speed. Supports Original Doom, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom and custom WAD files'. More info and installation instructions can be found at his site.
Doom89 1.01Link3906 KBAaron MillerYesDoom89 is a clone of Doom powered by the FAT engine. It runs on TI graphing calculator models 89, 92+, and V200. It includes 32 levels, as well as all the abilities and weapons you'd expect. It even includes strafing and the classic menu.
DoomCE for MIPS release 2396 KBHayes HaugenDoom port for WindowsCE on MIPS machines. Works only with shareware Doom.
DoomCE for SH3 release 2341 KBHayes HaugenDoom port for WindowsCE on SH3 machines. Works only with shareware Doom.
DoomCE Source 426 KBBruce LewisYesSource of the WinCE Doom version. This is -not- the source for Hayes Haugen's ports. Text file here.
DS Doom 1.2.1Link419 KBTheChuckster, WinterMuteYesPrBoom ported to the Nintendo DS handheld system. Does not support music or touchscreen control. Crude multiplayer support is included.
Flash Doom Shareware Link2536 KBMikeShareware version of Doom 1 in Adobe flash player.
Foom! Link[email protected]This is basically Doom in text adventure format. Uses TADS.
IDoom 1070 KBInternet C GroupYesPort of LxDoom on Internet C++. You'll need the Internet C++ Virtual Machine to run this.
PowerDoom 0.50857 KBImperial PenguinIt's Doom for Imperial Penguin's cross-platform PowerPak GSDK, based on the LsdlDoom source which is basically Boom with SDL.
Sidescroller Doom LinkCaptain MellowIt's a web-based Doom sidescroller game, by Mellow Land Productions. Requires the Vitalize plugin.
WolfGL LinkWolfenstein and Spear of Destiny port to the Linux/Win32/BeOS platforms using OpenGL. Included because our admin Marv has this weird idea we should cover this as well.

Doom9 X264

Introduction DOS Windows Linux / Unix Console OS/2 MacOS BeOS Bots & Mods Misc. Non Game Related


Doom89, powered by the FAT engine, is available for the 89, 92+, and V200. The game attempts to as accurately as possible duplicate the original Doom experience on your calculator, and it does so very well with 32 levels and all of the abilities, weapons, and strafing that you would expect in Doom. Tags: a limited edition meaning, a limited edition ps4, a limited edition shopkins, am a limited edition, find a limited edition shopkin, im a limited edition quotes, im limited edition, limited edition, limited edition adidas, limited edition adidas 2017, limited edition adidas nmd, limited edition air force 1, limited.