Ee2402 Protection And Switchgear Notes Pdf

  1. Ee2402 Protection And Switchgear Notes Pdf File
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Switchgear and Protection – by Sunil S Rao, Khanna Publishers; Power System Protection and Switchgear by Badari Ram, D.N Viswakarma, TMH Publications; REFERENCE BOOKS: Switchgear and Protection Notes – SGP Notes – SGP Pdf Notes. Fundamentals of Power System Protection by Paithankar and S.R.Bhide.,PHI, 2003 SWITCHGEAR AND PROTECTIVE DEVICES. Transformer Protection Protection of transformers: Percentage differential protection, Numerical problem on design of CTs ratio, Buchholtz relay protection. Feeder and Busbar Protection Protection of lines: Over current, Carrier current and three-zone distance relay protection. Anna University Exam Time Table for Nov/Dec 2014, Jan 2015 Exams - 3rd, 5th, 7th sem Timetable Link1 Timetable Link2- Anna Univ. UG/PG Nov/Dec 2013 revaluation results Revaluation Link1Updated Results. June 14th, 2018 - sunil s rao switchgear text pdf free download here switchgear and protection – by sunil s rao a chakrabarti ‘a text book on power system sunil s' ' EE2402 PROTECTION AND SWITCHGEAR SCAD EC.


  1. Describe essential qualities of protective relaying system
  2. (i) Explain Peterson coil / Arc-suppression coil of neutral earthing with neat diagramand state its merits and demerits.(8)

Ee2402 Protection And Switchgear Notes Pdf File

(ii) Explain the various protective schemesused in power system. How the protective zones are decided for completeprotection of power system.(8)

3.(i) Explain the method of calculating faultcurrent using symmetricalComponents.(8)
Ee2402 protection and switchgear notes pdf download
(ii)Explain the operation of surge absorbers and surge diverters. (8)

4.Discussthe procedure for computation of fault currents in power system when a L-L-Gfault occurs?

5.Explainthe working principle of non-directional & directional induction type overcurrent relay and explain the operating characteristics.

6.Explain differential relay andits types with neat diagrams. Also discuss its applications.

7.Explainthe clearly the difference between Impedance, Reactance & MHO relay. Givethe torque equation of each type & show their characteristics on R-Xdiagram.

8.(i) Explainthe different types of electromagnetic relays in detail.(10)

(ii) List the various buildingblocks that constitute for static relay & give briefdescription about

9.Draw Merz Price circulating current protectionscheme for protection of alternator against stator faults and explain itsoperation. Explain why 100% of winding of alternator cannot be protected usingthis method. Explain the modified protection scheme to provide greatersensitivity in the event of earth fault on the stator winding.

10.(i)Explain the operation of buchholz relay with neat diagram.(8)

11.(i) Discuss how the generator isprotected against an interturn fault with necessary diagram. (6)

(ii) Explain protection schemeused in star/star & star/delta transformers against through fault &

internal fault for grounded &ungrounded conditions. (10)

12.Explain variousmethods used for busbar protection.

13.(i) Explainthe current chopping in C.B &how it can be minimized.

14.(i) Explainthe arc interruption methods used in circuit breakers.

(ii) Explainthe term restriking voltage.Derive anexpression for the same interms of system voltage,Inductance andcapacitance across a CB contact when a three phase fault occurs.

16.Givethe constructional View of SF6 CBandexplainits principle of workingand types.

Ee2402 Protection And Switchgear Notes Pdf Format

17.Explain the types of Oil Circuitbreakers with neat sketch.

Ee2402 Protection And Switchgear Notes Pdf Signer

18.(i) Compare Different types of Circuit Breakers indetail(8)