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English Dogs son una banda de punk hardcore, se formaron en octubre de 1981 en Grantham, Inglaterra. La banda fue elegida por GBH para una gira en Alemania a principios de 1983 y seguido fueron escogidos por Discharge para una gira por toda Inglaterra. Few bands, punk or otherwise, have ever been so controversial. And, yes, they did split up in 1984. KILLING JOKE – WARDANCE It’s impossible to overemphasise Killing Joke’s influence on music – particularly industrial music – since their inception in London’s Notting Hill in 1978, and their influence continues to this day.

Here is a more Metal punk album than the previous posts. English Dogs have had quite a change in sound between Metal and punk. I remember finally getting to hear this record at the guitar player for Escondido's CHAOTIC MESS's room. He recorded it on to tape for me and I played the hell out of it. IT sucked though cause the sound levels were all off, cause when he recorded it the master volume knob controled the recordings volume. We were listening to the record as Hesh recorded and we kept turning the music up and down. Due to the fact that we were in a room with 5 people drinking beers. Anyways, if you've heard Forward into Battle or Where the legend Began you'll know what to expect of this. If you've only heard the more G.B.H. style of English DOgs your in for a treat.
Here it is

English Dogs Band

1. Nightmare of RealityPunk

English Dogs Punk Band

2. Absolution

English Punk Rock

Bands3. Let the Killing begin
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