Ge Universal Remote Control Codes For Rca Tv

Ge Universal Remote Control Codes For Rca Tv
  1. With the proper device code, you can program an RCA universal remote control to control any device that supports remote control. Finding the code is as simple as visiting the RCA Remote Code Finder and entering your product information. Some remotes even have an Automatic Code Search feature, allowing you to skip the web search.
  2. Program a Universal Remote using Universal Remote Codes, Step 1. Enter device into setup mode, Locate SETUP button on universal remote control, Press and hold the setup button till you see red light is on. Then stop holding the setup button. Now remote is in setup mode.

GE Universal Remote Quick Start Guide. To program a Universal or TV remote control: See the links below and find the brand and model of your remote control. You can also check the remote programming instructions included in the packaging of your remote or find a YouTube video for your specific model number remote. Once you find the step-by-step instructions to program the remote to work with.

RCA Universal Remote Codes

You need RCA universal remote control codes to program your universal remote to any other TV brand. This post outlines the codes below. There are a number of remote control codes for RCA universal remote listed below. We provided more than one code for each brand. So if one of the codes doesn’t work, please try out another code. The code is usually a 4-digits figure.

RCA is one of the popular universal remote control brands in the market. If for any reason you misplace your TV remote or it got spoilt, you can use RCA universal remote to program your TV.

Also, there is a need to know how to program your universal remote control to work with your RCA TV or any other brand before you can use the code. This post provides a guide on how to program a TV with a RCA universal remote control.

3 Digits Universal Remote Codes For RCA Remote

Ge Universal Remote Control Codes For Rca Tv

RCA Universal Remote Not Working

If your RCA universal remote control is not working, it could be as a result of some minor issues. This session will point out issues that can make your universal remote to stop working and to fix it.

. Battery: If there is no battery in your universal remote or the battery is bad, it will not work. Check the battery box of your remote to ensure there the batteries are correctly fixed. Also, ensure that the batteries are not wet, because that is a sign of damaRCA.

. Object: If there is an object obstructing your TV or device you want to program, your universal remote may not function well. Ensure you remove all objects and hold your remote close to the device you wish to program.

. Correct Code: Another reason your universal remote control may fail to work is if you are using the wrong code. Thankfully, this post has listed codes for all devices for your RCA remote. For most device, we listed more than one codes. If a code doesn’t work, simply copy the next code and try again.

3 Digits Remote Codes For RCA Remote Control

  • 172
  • 171
  • 047
  • 046
  • 005
  • 006
  • 007
  • 241

5 Digits RCA Universal Remote Codes

  • 11865
  • 13559
  • 10171

How To Program RCA Universal Remote Control

Step 1 : Switch on your TV set.

Step 2: Hold your RCA universal TV remote to face your TV you
wish to program.

Step 3: Find the ‘SETUP’ option on your universal remote. A red light will come up on your universal remote. ‘TV’ if it is your TV you want to program. For cable, you choose ‘CBL’ and ‘Sat’ for Satellite box.

Ge Universal Remote Codes Sharp Tv

Step 4: You will see the column to enter the remote code. Find the correct code from this article and enter into the space.

Step 5: If you got the process right, the tiny light will blink 4 times. When it does, pick any of the codes above for your device and enter. The button light will go off once you get the correct code. If not, try another code.

Step 6: Press any of the functions keys on your remote control. If it works, that means you got the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and try with another code.

If you have any code that is not included in these, please help us add it to the comment box. We will really appreciate it.

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