How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa

Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2013. We have Created the GPA Calculator for Each Semesters Separately in Regulation 2013 for students.

Here are the conversions of every possible CGPA.(Anna University approved). Anna university online CGPA calculator for ug, mba, mca and all departments. This is the only online CGPA calculator which helps lateral entry students to calculate their CGPA easily, no need to remember the subject credits, grade points earned in each sememster. Calculate CGPA just by few clicks. Suppose in one hundred mark paper highest mark secured by topper is ninety marks then, ninety marks are going to be 100% and if student x can get eighty marks then CGPA of student x can be: 100/90.80 = 88.89 on scale of 10 its 8.9. Multiply the CGPA with 9.5 or use the above calculator to get the indicative percentage. The Anna University CGPA is calculated easily by using our padeepz CGPA calculator. Each subjects in the first semester has its own credit points. We have provided the calculator to calculate the Anna University CGPA for first semester of regulation 2017. Anna University GPA/CGPA CALCULATE ONLINE - Calculate Anna University Semester Average marks Online Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 2015, 10th Result 2015 - IT2024 USER INTERFACE DESIGN SYLLABUS ANNA UNIVERSITY BE CSE 7TH SEMESTER SYLLABUS REGULATION 2008 2011-2012.

Formula Used:

The Formula used to calculate CGPA is

How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa To Percentage


n is number of all courses successfully cleared during the particular semester in the case of GPA

GPi is the point corresponding to the grade obtained for each course

Ci is the number of Credits assigned to the course

Grade System Followed for Regulation 2013:

Anna University has following this Grade System for Regulation 2013 Students.

GradeGrade PointsMark Range
D657 – 60
E550 – 56
U0< 50

A student is deemed to have passed and acquired the corresponding credits in a
particular course if he/she obtains any one of the following grades: “S”, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”.

‘SA’ denotes shortage of attendance (as per clause 6.3) and hence prevention
from writing the end semester examination. ‘SA’ will appear only in the result sheet. “U” denotes Reappearance (RA) is required for the examination in the course. “W” denotes withdrawal from the exam for the particular course. (The grades U and W will figure both in Marks Sheet as well as in Result Sheet)

Semester 1 Regulation 2013 GPA Calculator:

Calculate Cgpa Anna University

Important Note :

To get distinction Students must get atleast 7.5 CGPA With out any history of arrears in all their semesters.

If you find any errors in Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2013 please comment us below.

Info On AnnaUniversity Legends, Grade Points, Credit System, GPA, CGPA

In This Post Check Out the Legends and Grades Used Anna University For The Semester Examinations. AnnaUniversity while publishing the semester-results they announce the students marks by using 7 grade alphabetical letters for those who qualify Anna University min examination criteria.
Anna University Legends, Grade Points, Credit System, GPA, CGPA

Check out the Anna University Grades for Semester Examinations

  • S - 10 Points (>91).
  • A - 9 Points (81-90).
  • B - 8 Points (71-80).
  • C - 7 Points (61-70).
  • D - 6 Points (57-60).
  • E - 5 Points (50-56).
  • U – 0 Points (<50).

How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa

U Grade refers to Fail/Arrear They have to Reappear for next semester to pass in that subject.A Students will get their grades according to their marks he/she obtained.
Useful Link:Anna University Internal Marks V/s External Theory Marks Comparison Table to get pass in Semester Exam.

Anna University Legends information List

  • WHI : Withheld for want of Internal Mark.
  • WHE : Withheld for want of Practical Mark .
  • WHB : Withheld for want of Internal Mark and Practical Mark.
  • WH1 : Withheld for suspected Malpractice.
  • WH2 : Withheld for want of approval of admission / re-admission / transfer from DTE & Director, Student Affairs.
  • WH3 : Withheld - Court Case.
  • WH4 : Withheld for want of clearance from Director (CEP).
  • WH5 : Withheld for want of clearance from Director (Student Affairs).
  • WH6 : Withheld for want of clarification.
  • WH7 : Withheld for want of clarification from the Director (AC) about the additional subjects to be written due to the change of regulation.
  • WH8 : Withheld for want of clarification from the Director (AC)about the equivalency of subjects for the students admitted in v and vii semester).
  • WH9 : Withheld for want of clarification from Director, Chairman sports board.
  • WH10 : Withheld for non cooperation by the college in central valuation.
  • WH11 : Results will be published along with the lower semester results
  • WH13 : Withheld for non payment of examination fees from college.
  • SE : Sports Exemption.
  • WD : Withdrawal.
  • AB : Absent.
  • SA : Shortage of Attendance.
  • RA : Re-appearance.
  • BRK : Break.
  • UA : Absent.
  • NR : Not Registered.
  • NC : No Change(For Revaluation Results).
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How To Calculate Cgpa For Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013