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  • RealPlayer for Mac is the perfect desktop client to manage all your photos and videos, both local and in the cloud, all in one place. Keep your smartphones, tablets and HDDs lean without losing your moment. If you record countless GBs at a concert, just upload the clips to RealCloud using RealTimes and access them anywhere you want.

For those of you with both RealPlayer and Chimera, you'll probably get a crash on launch when you try to run both Chimera and RealPlayer. The Chimera mailing list archive site contains the solution in the October archives. It was posted by Reinhold Penner, the generous creator of ChimeraKnight.

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    RealPlayer 12.0.1 Build 1750 LATEST

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    Mac OS X

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    RealNetworks Inc / RealPlayer for Mac

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    RealPlayer for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

RealTimes (with RealPlayer) for Mac enables you to move, watch and share your videos. When you share videos with friends and family they’ll be able to play them on any device or operating system, without downloading the app. No more worrying about formatting or converting videos, or carrying HDMI and USB cables to connect devices to each other to watch videos. It just works.
Upload videos of any format to the cloud and they are automatically adjusted for your device screen-size, bandwidth, and device type prior to playback. RealPlayer for macOS supports all popular formats like FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI, and MP4. Once videos are in the tool you can share them privately with friends and family. If your devices are using the same Wi-Fi network you can use the app to easily download videos to one device from the other.
The tool is powered by SurePlayTM, a new technology developed by RealNetworks that ensures videos will play correctly on the device used for viewing. Learn more about SurePlay and how to use RealPlayer Cloud in the posts below.
Features and Highlights
Move videos
With new Real Player Cloud apps, you can move your videos wirelessly between your computer and smartphone or tablet. The app Cloud formats the videos correctly for each device. No more wires, no more headaches with formats. It just works.
Watch videos
RealPlayer Cloud plays all of the most popular types of videos. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s this type of file or that type. It just works, on all your devices. You can even watch on TV via your Roku or Chromecast.
Share videos
Send videos privately to family or friends straight from the app without having to share them on Facebook or YouTube. Your friends don’t need an account or app. The receiver of your video gets an email, they open it and the video just plays, no matter what their device or computer.
Save videos
Add videos of any format to your collection in Real Player Cloud for Mac to access them from anywhere, on all your devices. It stores them for you securely and privately, so you can rest assured your videos will always be there, whenever you need them.
Download videos
Once you’ve got Real Player Cloud on your Windows computer, a ‘Download this Video’ button automatically pops up whenever you’re watching a web video on your Mac, like magic. You don’t even have to start the app Cloud on your desktop. Just click the button to download a copy of the video to your library. Once downloaded to your Mac you can upload your videos to the app Cloud and move them easily to other devices via apps.
If you are looking for RealPlayer for Mac alternatives, we recommend you to download 5KPlayer for Mac or VLC Media Player for Mac.
You are here: RealPlayer > Video > Full Screen Mode

The video screen enlarges to fill the whole screen, without the Related Info panel. The Player Control toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the computer screen, but it will automatically hide if you do not move your cursor. Move your cursor again to make it visible.

For multiple-screen systems, the video screen will expand to fill the monitor on which the majority of the RealPlayer was displayed. If this includes the screen with the menu bar, then all other screens will be blacked out during playback.

How To Get Realplayer On Mac

Both the RealPlayer window and the Resize Frame will auto-hide, reappearing when the mouse pointer is moved.

Click in the Resize Frame, or in the Player Control toolbar, to return to a normal display with the video screen in RealPlayer.

Note: Using RealPlayer in Full Screen mode does not change your Desktop, it only hides the desktop while you watch the presentation.

Resize Frame

When you move the mouse pointer over the video screen, a Resize Frame appears. To resize the video screen, click and drag the lower-right corner of the Resize Frame.

When the video screen is resized in the Full Screen mode to a size less than the whole screen, it appears on a black background.

Resize Frame Tab

Realplayer Converter For Mac

Shows the size of the video screen, along with the following controls:



The current clipAn encoded unit of text, audio or video (media) that can be played by RealPlayer. Available as either a streamed clip or a local clip. appears at 100% of the originally authored size.

The current clip appears at twice its original size, up to the size of your monitor.

Resizes video image to Full Screen size. It has no effect in Full Screen mode.

Exit Full Screen mode and return to the display size last used before entering Full Screen mode.

Sends the video to RealPlayer Converter. You cannot convert streamingThe process of breaking a large media file into smaller pieces and transferring it, piece by piece, so it can be viewed immediately rather than waiting for the whole file to be downloaded. video.

Converts and copies the current video to the device you select. See RealPlayer Converter Help for details.

Opens a menu of services you can use to share a link to the current video. (Links for saved content go to the website of origin.)

Opens the video controls. Use the video controls to adjust the image in the video screen without changing the image on the rest of your computer desktop. Video controls are not available for all file formats.

Note: Not all services and features are available in all countries. Services and features will be added as they become available.


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