How To Use Actron Pocketscan Plus

Actron CP9550 PocketScan Plus has an amazingly slim size at only 7 x 5 x 1 inches which makes moving it as easy as child play. In addition, it weighs somewhere near 10 pounds. A reasonable weight for use even when handheld. Actron CP9550 Pockets scan plus has a highly advanced setting in terms of the available OBD2 scans in the market. This item support 1996-2008 model. If your car is gm or ford or chevy.ect that ABS reset function also support toyota or kia other NOT US band not suppor. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Depending on one s preference, the choice of the best scanner falls flat on one s intent to use Actron CP9550 PocketScan Plus, vehicle model and level of Group has recently introduced one of the best OBD2 scan tool on the aftermarket.

With more than 40 years of experience, Actron offers different scanners for different people. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level scan tool, a mid-range scanner, or a high-end/professional automotive diagnostic scanner, you will find what you’re looking for at Actron. With this in mind, we’ll be looking at the Actron CP9125 C pocket scan tool. It is a very basic scan tool just like the Actron CP9660. Read this Actron CP9125 review to know more about this scanner.

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The Actron CP9125 C pocket scan is an entry-level scan tool suitable for DIYers, car owners, and startup mechanics. This is because it only performs basic functions but it is very reliable. It can read and turn off check engine light. Alternatively, you can use it to diagnose trouble codes from the onboard computers of most vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer.

Technical Specifications of the Actron CP9125 Pocketscan Code Reader


Actron CP9125

Works:All 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD II and CAN vehicles
Display MIL status:Yes
Indicates the number of DTCs pulled:Yes
Displays emission status:Yes
Special Features:Includes OBDII 16-pin connector, Includes software with 5,000+ trouble codes, Works for most cars and light trucks since 1996
Update Option:Yes
Weight:2.3 pounds
Dimensions:10.3 x 6.3 x 2.3 inches
Warranty:One year (12
Price:Check Today’s Price

It is small and compact, making it ideal for everyday carry. Additionally, it is very easy to use by simply connecting the 16-pin connector cable to the OBD2 port and diagnosing different problems. Moreover, the automotive scanner can be updated via the internet and comes with a one-year limited warranty. With such a device, you will save time and money spent visiting the mechanic by tackling the most basic issues on your car.

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Actron CP9125 Review 2020

Easy to use

Being an entry-level scan tool, you don’t need any knowledge to start using the Actron cp9125 C pocket scan tool. If you have any challenge, just check out the user manual. The information will be displayed on the screen and the buttons are well-labeled.

Extensive vehicle coverage

This is an amazing diagnostic coder as it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It works on most 1996 and newer cars and light trucks that are OBD2 compliant. Some of the popular car brands that you can use this device are Subaru, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, etc.

Sturdy construction

Regardless of being a small and compact scanner, the CP9125 C code reader is sturdily constructed to last longer. It features a hard plastic casing and it is lightweight. It is also drop resistant.

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Basic functions

If your aim is to read codes, erase codes, turn off check engine light, and display emissions status, then this is the scanner for you. It performs basic functions but not special or advanced functions. It will save you money spent on the mechanic to read and erase error codes.

Backlit display

This is a user-friendly gadget that will allow you to read and erase error codes in different light conditions. Thanks to the backlit display that illuminates the screen even in dark conditions.


Despite having wonderful features, the Actron cp9125 pocket scan tool is favorably priced. It will help you to check codes and clear check engine light. This is better than taking your car to the mechanic for such services.
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Internet updateable

The best part of all is that you can update this gadget over the internet. So, you can be assured that it will function on the latest vehicle models by simply updating its software.

One-year limited warranty

On top of all the great features that it offers, this code reader comes with a one-year warranty.

How To Use Actron Pocketscan Plus

Setbacks of the Actron CP9125 Scanner

Actron Pocketscan Plus Cp9410 How To Use


Displays limited information – if you’re a professional mechanic looking for a professional diagnostic scanner, then look elsewhere. This scan tool doesn’t come with advanced functions and that’s why it is suitable for beginners and DIYers who only want to read codes and turn off the check engine light.

Short cord – another shortcoming of using this Actron scan tool is that it comes with a short cord. This limits your movement as you won’t be able to diagnose the car from outside. You can only use the scanner while seated on the driver’s seat.

How To Use Actron Pocketscan Plus

Compatibility problems – before buying this code reader, you should get in touch with Actron and detect if the scanner is compatible with your car make and model or not. This will help you to prevent wasting money on a scan tool that isn’t compatible with your vehicle.

Final thoughts
Generally, the Actron CP9125 C scan tool is a nice code reader for startup mechanics and DIYers. It performs most of the basic functions of a scanner and it is easy to use. All you need is to connect it to the OBD2 port and start diagnosing your car.

Furthermore, the CP9125 C pocket scan tool can be updated over the internet to have the latest software that can be used to diagnose the most recent car models. With a wide vehicle coverage of most 1996 and the newer vehicle makes and models, this is a code reader that you can rely on.



Question: Can this scan tool be updated?
Answer: As small and cheap as it is, this diagnostic code reader can be updated for future use on the latest vehicle makes and models. So, you won’t have to buy a new code reader but just update it to have the latest software.

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