Hp Procurve Dhcp Snooping

HP ProCurve switches also have DHCP Snooping capability Brocade Communications Systems ICX-series switches and VDX products with layer-3 functionality are capable of running DHCP snooping Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches are also capable of DHCP Snooping Pages: 1 2. SRX DHCP client compatibility with HP Procurve DHCP Relay. DHCP-Snooping on 3com S4210. Setting up DHCP. Configuring DHCP. FSPF, soft and hard zoning, Fibre Channel traceroute, ping, debugging, and FIP snooping. Jumbo frames with frame sizes of up to 10,000 bytes on Gigabit Ethernet and 10- Gigabit ports, high-performance remote backup and disaster-recovery services can be enabled Management. IEEE 802.1ab LLDP discovery. Since this is still open: the 2510 doesn't support DHCP snooping nor ACLs that could be used in a similar way. Protected-ports can be used to prevent communication between client ports, seemingly stopping rogue DHCP servers - but this will only work on a single switch.

This article will show you how to:

  • Set up DHCP snooping
  • Troubleshoot DHCP snooping
  • How to disable it when (if) shit hits the fan

Set up


Information to gather beforehand:

  • Uplink/trunk ports (assuming that your DHCP servers are behind these ports)
  • DHCP server IP addresses
  • What vlans you want to enable snooping on

SSH/telnet/console to your switch of choice.

Why no option 82 insertion? Apparently windows doesn’t like that option, according to this blog post (and taking the risk is not worth it): http://www.synetx.com/tips/?p=20

Hp switch igmp snoopingSnooping


Hp Procurve Dhcp Snooping