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  • In the meantime, Austria's Jubu Performance is filling the need for an attainable Lotus performance car with a new full-carbon GT2 race car based on the Lotus Exige. Dubbed the JP Zero, the.
  • This Lotus Exige Cup 430 is a rare, focused and exhilarating lightweight sports car, presented in remarkable condition and with very low mileage. It is powered by a 430bhp 3.5-litre supercharged V6, coupled to an open-gated six-speed manual transmission.

At our workshops we can carry out the installation and setup of upgrades to all aspects of the engine, suspension, braking system and transmission. With numerous options for normally aspirated and forced induction setups we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Rover K-Series and Toyota engines (2ZZ, 1ZZ, 1ZR, 2GR) that have featured in the various models of Elise, Exige, and Evora over the years.

Lotus Exige Racing Cars For Sale

Our main aim when performance tuning your Lotus is to deliver a tuned car that delivers both the benefits of more power and agility while maintaining the great balance and character that all go towards enhancing the overall driving experience.

Lotus Exige Race Car For Sale

Lotus Exige Parts Looking for high performance or racing parts for your Exige? Look no further than VividRacing for over 300,000 parts and accessories including engine components, suspension, intake, wheels & tires, brakes, body kits and more. VividRacing won't be outdone on quality, service or delivery.

Lotus Exige Racing

“Dynamics” is a word you will often find us using when we discuss your upgrade requirements. Here, our approach is to refine and enhance the performance of the car using carefully selected components and implementing them correctly.


If you are considering using our services, we can provide friendly advice to help you make the right decisions on any intended upgrade plans you may have for your car. Why not make an appointment and come and see what we can do for your Lotus?

Hangar 111 can set up your Elise or Exige, taking care to ensure you get the very best results with whatever enhancements you choose for your vehicle. For precise and dependable engine tuning we use proven rolling road dynamometers. To ensure your Lotus handles as it should, we use proven 4-wheel alignment technology to get your suspension geometry just right.

Our range of performance parts and accessories includes everything necessary to get the best performance from your engine, chassis and transmission. More details can be found by exploring the Lotus Tuning menu above or visiting our Online Store.

  • Ported and Polished Performance Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Reconditioning for Road or Track
  • Engine Rebuilds up to Race Specification
  • Camshafts and Vernier Pulleys
  • Programmable Engine Management & Remapping
  • Braking System Upgrades
  • Supercharger Installations & Upgrades
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension Kits for Road, Track or Race
  • Performance Exhaust Systems & Manifolds
  • Cold Air Induction Kits
  • Lightweight Carbon Composite Components
  • Vehicle Preparation for Track Days & Race Series
  • Engine Cooling Upgrades
  • High Performance Clutch & Flywheel
  • Gearbox Upgrades for Track & Race
  • Throttle bodies and air boxes
  • Sports catalysts and decat pipes
  • Higher-flow fuel Injectors and uprated Fuel Pumps
  • Rolling road setup and diagnostics

With Hangar 111 you don’t just have access to a wide-range of performance parts in our online store, we can advise, install and set them up to your specific requirements here in our workshops.

There are so many products and services available that we simply can’t list them all – it would take forever! If you have some specific requirements and can’t find what you are looking for on our website or online store then please drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

For more information about what we can do to enhance your Lotus please call or email us, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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One of the world's best sports cars meets one of its most challenging road courses.

The Lotus Exige has been around in its current form since 2012. It’s the British marque's most hardcore car (not counting the roof-less 3-Eleven track special), designed for people who want both lightweight and a big dollop of power to play with. Sadly, this latest generation isn't available in the United States, depriving Americans of one of the purest driving experiences out there—a mid-engine, stick-shift sports car with no stereo and a power-to-weight ratio on par with a Porsche 911 GT3.

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Depending on spec (from 345 hp to 430), the Exige is either 'quite angry' or 'incredibly miffed', with various wing and spring configurations to suit pretty much any driver from the road-going enthusiasts to the track types. There’s a sweet spot in the range, though: the 410 Sport. Producing 410 hp (thank you for making a numeric name matter, Lotus) from its mid-mounted, supercharged 3.5-liter V6, it’ll crack a 0-60 mph run in 3.3 seconds if you’re quick enough with its six-speed stick on its way to 174 mph.