Minecraft Pe Lightsaber

Ever wanted to sit down in Minecraft? There are ways to do it including invisible pigs and furniture mods, but all houses built in Minecraft have at least some kind of block-built chair that is for decoration only.

Minecraft PE Mods & Addons. Elingo’s Christmas Present Add-on (1.16.100+) It's Christmas time so here is my Christmas add-on that adds 4 new gifts that will drop a ton of loot. 🎁I'm sorry if the models. Minecraft PE Maps. 6 Dec, 2020 (Updated) The Floor is LAVA (NEW!). This is a brand new add-on called Minecraft Pocket Edition: Throwable Lightsaber Add-On Download. This add-on is definitely a must-have for all of you Star Wars fans out there. It replaces the Trident with an incredible Lightsaber! The Lightsaber has a customized model, textures and even custom sounds.

Well with this add-on you can actually eat dinner while sitting on your chair you built because by typing a simple command, you can sit down on any block!

Laying down has also become possible so you can take a nap on your comfortable couch! To do this, type the command to sit down then simply just sneak.

To stand back up all you have to do is either jump or move and you will be back running on your feet!


Lightsaber Addon Minecraft Pe

Command: /function sit

Minecraft Pe Lightsabers

Note: To be able to sit in survival mode make sure to turn on cheats!