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Models are fancy constructors compiled fromSchema definitions. An instance of a model is called adocument. Models are responsible for creating andreading documents from the underlying MongoDB database.

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Compiling your first model

When you call mongoose.model() on a schema, Mongoose compiles a modelfor you.

The first argument is the singular name of the collection your model isfor. Mongoose automatically looks for the plural, lowercased version of your model name.Thus, for the example above, the model Tank is for the tanks collectionin the database.

Note: The .model() function makes a copy of schema. Make sure thatyou've added everything you want to schema, including hooks,before calling .model()!

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Constructing Documents


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An instance of a model is called a document. Creatingthem and saving to the database is easy.

Note that no tanks will be created/removed until the connection your modeluses is open. Every model has an associated connection. When you usemongoose.model(), your model will use the default mongoose connection.

If you create a custom connection, use that connection's model() functioninstead.

Mongoose Bikes 2010 ModelsMongoose bikes 2010 models comparison


Finding documents is easy with Mongoose, which supports the rich query syntax of MongoDB. Documents can be retreived using each modelsfind, findById, findOne, or where static methods.

See the chapter on queries for more details on how to use the Query api.


Models have static deleteOne() and deleteMany() functionsfor removing all documents matching the given filter.


Each model has its own update method for modifying documents in thedatabase without returning them to your application. See theAPI docs for more detail.

If you want to update a single document in the db and return it to yourapplication, use findOneAndUpdateinstead.

Change Streams

New in MongoDB 3.6.0 and Mongoose 5.0.0

Change streams providea way for you to listen to all inserts and updates going through yourMongoDB database. Note that change streams do not work unless you'reconnected to a MongoDB replica set.

The output from the above async function will look like what you see below.

You can read more about change streams in mongoose in this blog post.

Yet more

The API docs cover many additional methods available like count, mapReduce, aggregate, and more.

Mongoose Bikes 2010 Models

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Now that we've covered Models, let's take a look at Documents.