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Neeya Naana is such a wonderful show ur show brings out many social issues on stage. Then ive seen u once in my college culturals bt tht time i dnt knw much abt u so din even turn ur side!! Bt nw i feel very bad 4 missing tht chance and last yr v tried calling u 4 our dept. Association bt heard tht u’ll charge much 4 such invitations.

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i left india 1973 and so missed out most of 70s and 80s. communication was spare and sparse. letters took 10 days to reach india and long distance calls had to be booked, and cost $450 a minute, with connections taking a few hours. direct dialling came only in the 80s from canada to india.
today, thanks to the web, voip and (comparatively) cheap air travel, i am more connected with india than ever before. a show in chennai, interrupted by so many commercials, i am able to see 3 pm my time, the same day, through the web, without any interruptions. (or atleast i can 'x' out the ads in the above url)
so it was an interesting and eye opening trip to this nostalgia show. almost unanimously both sides agreed that the women got a raw deal then. some of the graphic details, i was surprised, as my family was just 2, and by the time, sister grew up, i had left home.
again, almost everyone agreed on the prosperous state of the country, plenty of money and comfort. yet these too come with you will find out if you wish to watch the show.
again, you dont have to watch the overlaying commercials. just 'x' it out

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  2. I had the misfortune of contacting this guy and inviting him over as chief guest for a college event. I clearly mentioned how I got his number and was courteous enough to ask if it was a good time to talk. He denied knowing the person, the 'pers.
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