Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Free Download

Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Free Download

At long last, the definitive version of with teeth, meticulously prepared by trent reznor, atticus ross and nin art director john crawford. Remastered in 2019 on 180-gram vinyl, with lots of details attended to that you may never notice but we care about. SELECT YOUR CHOICE OF DOWNLOAD FORMAT UPON EMAIL RECEIPT. Who has a download version of Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth - 5.1 split channels (torrent versions on google doesn't working anymore). With Teeth follows a period of intense self-investigation, a psychological shelf-clearing. It's an album that startles with its clarity, with its renewed vigour. A catalogue of grievances perhaps, like all his records, but possessed with more of a will to fight back than any other Nine Inch Nails release to.


Trent Reznor formed the band Nine Inch Nails in 1988. Since that, Reznor is the only official member of this industrial command in fact and is solely responsible for its musical development. Inspired by the example of Prince, he usually records albums himself, except for the drums, and hires musicians for tours and life performances. The Nine Inch Nails' shows are famous for the spectacular effects and crushing the instruments. Before Nine Inch Nails, Reznor played in the Exotic Birds, and his former colleague from that band, John Malm Jr., became Reznor’s prodigy manager. The first concert appearances by Nine Inch Nails took place the same year as it was formed as the act before Skinny Puppy collective. In 1989, the first disc by the band, Pretty Hate Machine, saw light. Three powerful industrial hits - Down At It, Head Like A Hole and Sin - immediately switched the attention of the public on the new group.

However, the things were not that easy. After the success of Nine Inch Nails as the supporting act for several alternative rockers during their US tours, the band was a total disappointment in Europe, where they performed before Guns N’Roses. In 1994, one of considerably best albums by Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - saw light. Written under the impression of creativity by David Bowie and Pink Floyd, the disc spawned three piercing rock hits - March Of The Pigs, which became the regular number at the band's concerts, Closer and Hurt. The next double edition The Fragile was released only five years later and was presented by the aggressive composition Starfuckers, Inc. In 2005, With Teeth album emerged with the singles The Hand That Feeds, Only and Every Day Is Exactly The Same. Nine Inch Nails gave concerts to support the full-length with such stars as Queens Of The Stone Age, Autolux, Peaches and TV On The Radio.

The conceptual album Year Zero saw light in 2007. On this hard industrial long-play, Reznor criticized the acts of the American Government and pictured the world of the future as he saw it in result of today's world decisions, using all the possible dark colors. The apocryphal track The Beginning Of The End is a good demonstration of the mood of the album. The same year, the phenomenal remix collection under the title above remembering Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D. Reznor left the full freedom of creativity for the disc authors - as the result, Nine Inch Nails were presented on the disc in the new light. In 2008, the new child of dark Reznor's imagination, titled Ghosts I–IV, was released. The ambient composition Ghosts III was the lead single of the disc. The same year, Nine Inch Nails received the independent status as Reznor got tired of the conflicts with recording labels. Next album, The Slip, saw the light in summer 2008. The same year, the group presented their, probably, most cryptic and experimental album. This was a collection of ambient-based instrumental compositions, each having the word Ghost in its name and different from the others only by the number standing after it. That is the reason why the title of this work, Ghost I-IV, looks quite logical.

Studio Albums

Ghosts I-IV
Nine Inch Nails' new album includes only instrumental compositions. But it shouldn't upset Trent Reznor's fans. Ghosts I-IV is unusual, diverse and unpredictable record which will be interesting for any person who is looking for unconventional music
Year Zero
Year Zero is the first conceptual album of Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor gave a serious approach to this matter and besides album's musical part used completely different means and instruments to reflect his dark ideas more precisely








Proving once again that Nine Inch Nails is one of the most unpredictable bands in the world, album Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D serves a perfect example of what sullen and hard songs can turn into when remixed

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