Nokia 5230 Custom Firmware

CORE C6 20.0.43 ported to 5233 & 5230 in Neutron V5
7 Feb 2011 update

Nokia 5230(s60v5) Tips & Tricks. Nokia 5230 & all symbian s60v5 phones. Custom Firmware: RM- 559 356 588 625 504 Nokia X6 5800 5230 5233 5530 Skyfire Belle v2.1 Updated Nokia X6/5800/5230/5233/5530 All RM SkyFire Belle v2.1. Custom Firmware: RM-612 356 588 625 Nokia C6-00 5800 5230 5233 WP8 Apollo Belle Nokia C6.00/5800/5230/5233 RM-612/356/588/625 WP8 Apollo Belle Edition BetaV1.0 Windows Phone 8 Apollo Belle Edition CFW Beta V1.0 For.

Attention Welcome RM-625 & RM 588(Latest firmware RM-625 40.0.3 & RM-588 v40.6.003)

Nokia’s low-end Symbian 5th edition phones (Nokia 5233/5232/5228 – RM-625) recently got a firmware update – Software Version 51.1.002 to be precise.This update is available for almost all product codes, all over the world. Change-log (new features, bug-fixes etc) can be found at phone’s software page/Nokia. The Nokia 5230 RM-629 V51.4.002 firmware or flash file shared on this page is officially released by the company and helps you to recover your device if you ever got bootloop, software error, update error, hanging or dead issues.

Now You can read Hindi Message & Support Hindi WebSite (for Indian User)
2.Increase from 15 to 50MB heapsize musicplayer
3.Increased ability to respond faster and smoother touch almost immediately
4.The beautiful icon ^ 3 Symbian, automatically change all icons according to theme.
5.Turn off all lights even when the keyboard is using
6.Customizable brightness backlit display with minimum ORIGINAL FW.
7.Turn off lights and white keys in the standby mode automatically as soon as Flash (k install again)
8.lock/unlock vibration off alredy in use bug remove
10.autorotate virtual qwerty
11.more battery saver mod include(best till now)
12.Autolock Time Adjustment for C6 port
13.Speed sensor, rotate speed, increased cpu, FPS when playing games.
14.- Fix 'Camera is currently using.

Screen Shots by AssaSSin_k!Ng (Special Thanks)
Hot Nokia Neutron (Very Fast) Never Seen Before Only 5233 (RM-625)
UPGRADING : (Never Seen Before)
Remove WiFi Files
Remove Wifi access point
Remove Wifi widget
Music Player 15.2
Rom Patcher 2.6
Disable message,logs in background

Nokia Firmware Update

MOD removes the check for update FW devices popup menu
MOC C6 MusicHomescreen
Restart key in power menu
Android Fonts & 7 letter page
Fix Backlight & All Flash Option removed
New JavaRuntime 2.1
theme effect Hybrid_Swyfe_by_joeyfrankiko

MOD shake off the key lock / unlock
MOD Memory Card icon appears again (near the column pin)
MOD improve the quality of image browser. (Image compression mode load of NOKIA)

MOD keyboard lights - mediabar

- Font support Android character page 7
- Directory information and data security for you E: Secret- Horizontal Menu 3x4, 4x4 vertical
- Swipe activities to unlock both horizontal and vertical mode.
- Smart dialer.
- 76.7 MB of space on drive C.
- Free RAM after boot: 61MB
- The average free RAM: 55 MB
75% cpu-acceleration when needed, applications run better,
-Increase the frame rate for gaming (FPS) 30
- OVI storage and some other site will receive a mini phone is the Nokia N97
- Default bluetooth Nokia Neutron
- FOTA romoved for space to get more space in C: (Phone Memory)
- Voice memo during the call fixed
- RAM Cache in C: for better performance
- Increase the Heap Size to further boost performance.
- Speed up the screen rotation.
- Turn off the vibration when the lock / unlock.
- Off My Nokia service
- Automatically optimizes RAM cache to keep your phone faster, even after much useFirmware
- Leave blank UDA to get the most possible space on C:
- Lost in Menu removed. The optimized kinetic scrolling (nothing is very fast is not very slow)
- The default font used
- Operator Logo ON / OFF the built-in display settings
-Java-Off alert and widgets.
-Turn off the background when exiting.
-Turn off all applications running at startup to boot the fastest speed.
- Hacked
- SwiPolicy change settings for most applications without RomPatcher patch (Works 99%)
- Secure widgets preinstalled. OVI Store will not run after first boot, you want to install Ovi Store using file manager on the Z: data is the latest Ovi Store setup file to install 1.8.206.
- Add three new shortcut options, total: 5
- Remove the clock, press profile as the home screen.
- Nokia OVI splashscreen and Shutdownscreen. S60 Open to futures.
- Boot Volume: 6
- Default Theme: Dark Theme XMAS
- The theme: Theme Dark XMAS
XMAS Moody Theme
XMAS White Theme
- Effects stars light speed.
- Effects ON by default theme.
Off-key green when charging.
-Fixed a bug when lock screen brightness.
-Turn off the lights in the standby mode keypad lock key.
Light-level screen brightness as low as the original FW. May further reduce the maximum savings PIN.
- Display light timeout and set to automatic keyguard time 60 seconds.
The browser (WEB & PHOTO)
- Added 'View' in the options> Display Settings
- Recovery download boot the computer.
- Browser can rotate the screen when turning on or off by the sensor while browsing options.
- Browser cache moved to E: and increased up to 50MB
- Camera will not leave in the background after you close it (saving RAM)
The High-quality camera for photos, video cam level: 7
-Improve quality of filming.
Dc-sound camera sound off when selecting a camera shooting.
- Digital recording quality settings
- The voice recorder records up to 12 hours
- Libraries will not mix up the picture and video
- Collection Advanced Search
- Share your online photo removing the main screen Apps
- Music out of Music OVI Main Screen
- Capture video frame rate up
- Music player refresh faster
-5800 Audio codecs are added for good quality music hon.loa not shy anymore with high-quality music.
-Add video codec,
-Read Music in E: Sounds
Music-Scan faster.
The default-random music and repeat all.
Self called time-out and the total time was called when the call ends.
Off-answer a call by SMS.
Call-up the volume of speaker and speaker to step 8.
- Messages sent by you will be saving up to 999 messages
- Mod: ON mode Deliver report
- Leave a message lag when saving multiple messages.
Open pre-integrated lunar calendar.
-English Dictionary is the pronunciation. (Fixed)
Post-OviMap 3:04. (Build 278)
ROMPatcher-ko-pop-up (and fully integrated including the necessary patch c2z)
-BTSwitch (press and hold 0 to enable / disable Bluetooth)
Applicaion (Required)
Best ScreenSnap v 3.0
CareMe LockMe
Opera Mini 5.1
Download Pack -
Download Game Pack Nokia 5233 (Tested)
Hangman Kids
Iron Sight
Raging Thunder
Toon Warz
Wave Blazer
- About
- Ovi Music
- My Nokia
- Phone Switch
- Voice command
- Note
- Online Support
- Share online
- Here and now
- OVI Contacts
- Chat
- Search
- Help
- Image print
Download rm-625
V3. Released N8 Icon removed

Nokia Firmware Download Tool

Download Base or core file who have RM-625 40.1.3 or 21.9.104 or 21.1.4
After download basic rofs2
Neutron V5 for 5233 v40.0.003 RM-625
Nokia V5 for 5230 v40.6.003 RM-588
If you dont like 3g icon in 5233 & 5230 then replace this
If u like N8 Icon then (4x4 icon and default icon N8) theme (provide .Sis just install)
only Icon
If u like premium fonts (Special Thanks to AssaSSin_k!Ng)
review by saarthak_08
wow dear this is mind blowing cfw..i hv just installed n for my surprize there r NO BUGs AT ALL i hd already tried asvan n binh24 cfw before but few bugs were there.... 4 positive noticeable things--
1. u hv given auto.keyguard timer (we can set this as our requirement ) (not available in asvan's typo^1 cfw)
2. green light(dial key) & red light (end call key) permanently disabled..
3. free phone memory 76.8mb !!
4. free ram memory 50mb !!

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Mobile phone
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Data Package
Major / MinorDownload linkSizeComment
75.82 MB
12.4.0943.0Major MB
21.4.0054.0Major MB
21.4.0054.0Major MB
105 MB
106 MB

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Mobile phone
firmware version
Mobile phone
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20.8.0072.0Major MB
21.8.0053.0Major MB
81 MB

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