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  1. FAPS H.264 HYBRID PC-DVR. Remote Viewing CLIENT Software Version 4.741 (ZIP) How to Allow Client Software to Operate in Windowed Mode. How to Enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer. H.264 STANDALONE DVR. EMB 6000 SERIES Instruction Manual (ZIP) ED 6000ME Instruction Manual.
  2. Search by Product Model Name or Choose by Category. Disclaimer: Any firmware downloaded from our website can cause permanent damage to your CCTV product if not applied in the correct manner. Before you download and update the firmware on your device, please con.
  3. The default filenames for the program's installer are NVMS-7000.exe, NVMS7000.exe or NvrStorageSever.exe etc. The current setup file available for download requires 178.7 MB of hard disk space. This free PC software can be installed on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environment, 32-bit version. The most popular versions of the NVMS 7000 2.7, 2.6 and 2.0.
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NVMS 7000 User Guide

NVMS7000 is the main remote access application for the TVI and XLE DVRs. This guide will go over installation, adding server settings, navigating video, and recording video. You will need the DVR IP Address, Port (which is 8000 by default), Username, and Password (which will be on a sticker on the accessory box that came with the unit). Download the software from our Software Download page here.


  1. Run the NVMS7000 Installer.
  2. A prompt will come up to install additional features – these are not needed. Click Next.
  3. You will be prompted to install WinpCap, click OK.
  4. Continue Install, may take a moment to finish.
  5. When done, a shortcut will be made on your desktop.
  6. Open the program.
  7. The first time the software opened, you will be prompted to add a Username and Password. Set this to whatever you would like. It is unique to the software and does not have any effect on the DVR. For added ease, check the box for Enable Auto-Login, this will bypass the login when the software is started.

Adding a DVR Server

  1. When started for the first time, the Startup Wizard for adding a server will appear.
  2. If on the same network, the DVR IP address will appear at the bottom under Online Devices.
  3. Click the Add Device button at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter a Nickname for your server (DVR, Cameras, Location, etc.).
  5. Enter the IP Address. ***If you want to access cameras from outside of the store, use the public IP address. You can find this information onwww.canyouseeme.org. You will need to open ports in your firewall for viewing remotely, generally port 8000.
  6. The Port is 8000.
  7. Enter Username. Default is admin.
  8. Enter the Password. It will be on a sticker on the accessory box that came with the unit.
  9. Leave Export to Group checked.
  10. Click Add to continue
  11. Click Finish at the bottom right.
  12. This will load your Main View. This view should have the cameras automatically loaded.

Main View – Tips & Tricks

  • To move cameras views around, click and drag any camera and drop it into another window.
  • The camera system automatically saves the group. When the software is restarted, the cameras should display as the last setup.
  • To change how many Video Windows are on the screen. Click the Grid icon in the bottom right, this will allow you switch to a variety of different viewing options.
  • If the camera screens ever go black, or seem like the system has disconnected, click the Refresh icon next to the server name. Refresh Icon only comes up when the mouse hovers around the area.


  1. From the Control Panel, open Remote Playback.
  2. Double click on the Server or Group on the left side to load cameras.
  3. Click the Calendar icon in the top left to change times and dates.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click on the camera to view video from. This may take a moment to load.
  6. Clips from throughout the day will both load in the right side panel, as well as a timeline below.
  7. Play video by double clicking the Clip or on the Timeline.

*Tip: You can click a second window, then click another clip, or camera to play multiple clips at the same time. You can click the synchronous playback button towards the bottom left (two sliders) to play all video regardless of times, or the other slider asynchronous playback next to it to sync all video to the same time.


  1. While viewing playback, Pause the video for the screenshot you would like to take.
  2. If needed, right click and use Optical Zoom to draw a square to zoom in. Left click once to go back to the main shot or right click and click Optical Zoom again to turn off.
  3. Right click Capture to take screenshot. The default path it saves to is C:NVMS7000capture(date).


  1. From the Control Panel, open Remote Playback.
  2. Double click on the server or group on the left side to load cameras.
  3. Click the Calendar icon in the top left to change times and dates.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click on the camera to view video from. This may take a moment to load.
  6. Once you have an idea of the clip you would like to backup, click the Download button (highlighted in the picture below in green), it is below the Play/Pause buttons.
  7. From this list, Checkbox the clips you want to backup
  8. Click Download.
  9. The download display Completed in the status column when done. Navigate to the default save path to view or save to another location. C:NVMS7000video(date)

VLC Quick Install

The video files will download in mp4 format. If unable to view the file, please download VLC Video Player. Copy and paste this link into the web browser. It will download and install VLC. https://ninite.com/vlc/

NVMS for PC and Storage Server

1. Install NVMS Client & Storage Server (both)

2. After install completed, run the Storage Server. You should see two icons in your Systray section. Storage Server and WatchDog are both required.

Nvms7000 pc software download windows 7

3. Right click on the Storage Server icon from the Systray icon

4. Local Config, you can define this storage server password (default 12345) and Port#.

5. AutoRun, AutoRun storage server after Windows Login.

6. HDD Quota Settings is not important in here, but you can change it if needed.

Run NVMS7000 Client Software

1. After you create master user and login, go to Control Panel -> Device management

2. Then, go to Server Click + Add New Device Type

3. Select Storage Server, click OK

Add Storage Server into NVMS7000

1. Click Add Device

2. Add Storage Server IP in here

3. After you add it, you should see server is ready, check Net Status

4. Highlight your server again, click Remote Configuration

Define Storage Server HDD

1. Go to Storage -> General

2. Select the HDD you want

3. Click Format, it will create many video files based on your Quota setting

4. Your Storage Server HDD setting is complete.

Define NVMS Record Schedule to Storage Server

1. Make sure you have DVR/ IP Camera in the Encoding Device List.

2. Then, go to Tool -> Storage Schedule

3. Select IP Camera from the left.

4. Select Storage Server

5. Check Record Schedule

6. Choose Time Template

7. Select Edit to modify the schedule

8. Save when finished.

NVMS7000 Playback / Download from Storage Server

There are 2 ways to download/ playback the video file from the Storage Server.

  • Download file from the Storage Server
  • Direct Playback from the VS Player
Nvms7000 Pc Software Download
1. Download video file from the Storage Server. Go to Device Management -> Storage Server
2. Highlight Server, then Select Remote Config
3. Go to Storage -> File. Select Camera and Define Date/Time. Search. Select file you want, Download
4. Select folder you want download to. Then, Download
5. After download it, you can use VSPlayer to open it. For Windows Media Playerdownload codec
1. Use VSPlayer play directly from the Storage Server
  • Pro: Easy play video without download
  • Cons: Cannot specify the time you need
Nvms7000 Pc Software Download
3. After installed, you should be able to view the VSPlayer icon on the desktop
4. Use Open file, to open signal video file
5. Open Directory, you can load a video folder.
6. Use Open Directory to open Storage Server directly
7. Select Storage Server drive, click OK
8. Then, play the file form VSPlayer
1. Use VSPlayer play Download Video file form the Storage Server
2. You can drag and drop the video file to VSPlayer
  • Note: Drag and drop won't work first time using the VSPlayer. Close the application and reopen it for drag and drop to be supported

Nvms7000 Pc Software Download

3. Identify the video file date and time with watermark

Nvms7000 Software For Windows 10

4. Right click on the video section. Go to Image Control -> Watermark.

Nvms7000 Cameras


Nvms7000 Pc Software Download Pc

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