Onyx Productionhouse X10

ONYX Graphics, Inc. has announced the availability of Version X10 of its production RIP products: ONYX® ProductionHouse™, ONYX PosterShop® and ONYX RIPCenter™. Version X10 is available at no charge to those LexJet customers (and other ONYX users) who have previously purchased ONYX Advantage™ or ONYX Premium™ service agreements.

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Version X10 dramatically simplifies everyday printing tasks, giving shops greater control over their workflow, efficiency, and profitability.

4) From the folder crack unzip Onyx ProductionHouse X10 5) Replace the file from the archive Setup Setup.exe 6) Install the program Onyx ProductionHouse X10. 7) to put down the printer 8) Close the program and replace the files from the archive Onyx ProductionHouse X10 9) Run P.exe 10) Run the program 11) When adding the printer, paragraph 9. ICC profiles within X10. Note: The term 'media' has two meanings in the context of your ONYX workflow. In general use, it refers to a physical material that you can print on. ONYX uses the term media in the sense that “every job has a media associated with it”. The “media” that is created in ProductionHouse controls the output.

“Based upon the positive feedback from customers and partners that have tested our Version X10 RIP products, we are confident that we have met their needs and are ready to release the product globally,” said Jeb Hurley, CEO of ONYX Graphics. “The innovations in Version X10 give print shops the ability to automate their print-and-cut processes, provides faster color profiling, and greater color control.”

Improved profiling process: With the highly automated color profiling system and easy-to-follow guide in Version X10 of ONYX ProductionHouse, users can build media profiles in minutes instead of hours. Users will need to take significantly fewer steps to create profiles.

“I’ve been intimidated by profiling, but ONYX software Version X10 takes out all the guesswork,” said Scott Manwaring of Rainbow Signs. “It’s simple, quick, and painless. I’m able to get multiple profiles done in the time it used to take me to get through one.”

The new Profile Build options maximize output quality and offer the ability to use dynamic or custom-defined ICC presets. New Enhanced Color gamut mapping provides the ability to achieve more vivid color output.

For those who prefer to fine-tune their output color, new advanced Black Diamond tools are available for greater control over output quality. With easy recalibration tools, users can quickly and easily maintain consistent output over multiple media types and devices.


Onyx Production House X10 Layout

Flexible and automated print-and-cut workflow: With all of ONYX Version X10 RIP products, users can more easily and quickly build workflows for print-and-cut jobs, then use Quick Sets for storing cutter parameters. They can also save time and reduce production costs with unattended printing and automatic nesting of images. In the CUT-Server, users can eliminate the need to return to the design application to fix unwanted cut paths and manage multiple cutting styles.

Better file handling and enhanced user interface: The improved raster image-processing engine in Version X10 RIP products will provide more reliable handling of native PDF and PostScript® files as well as better reproduction of images from Macintosh® and PC-based creative applications. “Files from Adobe® Creative Suite applications work great in ONYX software Version X10,” reports George Owen of Spectrum Graphics.

Other Version X10 features include:

  • A streamlined Quick Set user interfaceto easily build workflow automation.
  • The addition of Smart 16-bit Processingto the ONYX 32-bit color engine for better color at production speeds.
  • A new PANTONE® PLUS SERIES spot-color matching system.
  • Job-based RIP options for increasing automation and reducing errors by more easily building workflows for more complex PDF and PostScript files without changing the default behavior of the RIP.

Innovative job logging and tracking: ONYX X10 products also include ONYX PrintMetryx™ JobView service, an advanced job log that enables online tracking of job costs and resource usage. Each print job contains a thumbnail image, detailed information about the print job, and costs for ink and media.

We will be highlighting specific ONYX X10 features in more detail in future posts on the LexJet Blog. If you have any questions about ONYX service agreements or obtaining Version X10 of ONYX Production House or PosterShop software, please call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538

Onyx ProductionHouse X
English Onyx ProductionHouse X 1.18 GB

Onyx ProductionHouse X is designed for large format printing workshops and cutting.
Onyx ProductionHouse ™ - the most powerful and functional line of Onyx ® RIP software (RIP) large format printing. Easy to use and efficient, ProductionHouse ™ will provide high speed and accurate on all materials. Thanks to the two included in the supply of rasterized ProductionHouse ™ modules can handle two simultaneous Postscript and / or bitmap file.Onyx productionhouse x10 crack
A large number of ICC-profiles, which are standard - are optimized for different combinations of media / ink - will always get quality prints in vivid large-format plotter. MediaManager module allows you to create and edit calibration for new materials.Productionhouse

Onyx Productionhouse 10

Standard features ProductionHouse ™ can provide access to all users of the local network is as easy as a normal printer. It is very convenient for the users PC, and Macintosh. In addition, the module allows you to add Web Portal jobs in the queue on the network or via the Internet using a web browser.
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Onyx Production House X10 Floor Plan