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1. What is pep8?

Pep/8 machine codeCodes

Getting PEP 8’ed. Once a standard exists, there’s a great temptation to impose that standard on other people’s code arbitrarily. You might even believe you’re doing the world a favor. The PEP 8 standards warn against this with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emmerson: “A. Use this sheet to write your Pep/8 machine code before putting it into the Object Code Window. It really helps to look at your code instruction by instruction and plan your data locations. The Pep/8 is a virtual machine designed to illustrate the Von Neumann architecture. How many bits does an instruction take in Pep/8? But because there is a one to one relationship between a machine code instruction and an assembly language instruction, the same test plan would be valid. I want my code to be PEP-8 compliant. However, reading the PEP8-page everytime I forgot any of the rules is time-consuming. Much faster would be if I had a code example, which demonstrates all PEP-8.

  • PEP 8 official document – Style Guide for Python Code
  • Chinese Translation of PEP8

Configuration of pep8 in Pycharm

PycharmItself ispep8Style detection, when you knock code does not conform to the specification, there will be underlined wavy line prompt. How do you change the code to conform to the specifications and remove these ugly wavy lines? The following steps are described:

2.1 Installation of autopep8

CMD window input:pip install autopep8

2.2 Install autopep8 configuration in Pycharm

PepPep 8 Machine Code
  • Tools Extends Tools Click on the plus sign
  • Configuration item
  • Use of autopep8 in pycharm: edit a new Python file in Pycharm, edit some code that does not conform to the style of pep8; place the mouse in the editor of the file right key External Tools click Autopep8. So your code is pep8 style. As shown in the following figure

Pep 8 Pdf

Reference resources

Pep 8 Download

  • [Introduction to Machine Learning-2] Pycharm Installation of Autopep8