Remove Winrar Password With Notepad

Launch the PC browser and search for the official page of Click on the option of adding a file and upload the target RAR file. Hit the button, ‘ I agree to move on.’ 3. How to Remove WinRAR Password with A RAR Password Remover. RAR Password Remover is quite powerful when it comes to removing WinRAR Password. These software-based utilities are encompassed with state-of-the-art technology to recover the forgotten RAR password in a few steps. Let’s uncover the two most powerful software for WinRAR password removal.

  1. Winrar Password Remover
  2. Winrar Password Torrent
  3. Remove Winrar Password With Notepad Shortcut

Hello everyone, I downloaded a WinRAR file from the Internet. And when I am trying to extract the file, it says that the file is password protected. Is there any way to crack the WinRAR password by using CMD?

If you have encountered the same situation, then you will find answers in this article. Not so many people know how to crack RAR/WinRAR password with CMD, unless they are tech savvy. Therefore, in this post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guideline.

Part 1: How to Crack RAR/WinRAR Password with CMD

Cracking password of RAR/WinRAR file with Command Prompt is a totally free method. But it's cumbersome for common users since it involves entering a few command lines. What's important, your computer and data will be damaged if you make any mistake when entering the command lines. Therefore, please think twice before you decide to use this method.

Here is a detailed guide to follow to unlock your RAR file using the CMD method.

Step 1: Search for code of batch script online. Copy and paste it into Notepad.

Proceed to save it as a Cracker.bat.

Step 2: Locate the bat file and double click it to open the Command Prompt window.

Step 3: Input the file name. Press 'Enter' to proceed to file location input.

Step 4: Finally, press 'Enter' and the cracked file password will appear below the other inputs.

Part 2: What If Command Prompt Is Not Workable for You

CMD may be the quick option to opt for but may not work for all cases. Besides, when compared to other methods, it's complex to use with multiple commands lines. Therefore, you ought to have alternative RAR password cracker options.

The various workable alternative solutions include Notepad, online, free password cracker and offline password recovery software. They all vary in terms of effectiveness and complexity of password cracking.

Method 1. Use Passper for RAR to Crack RAR/WinRAR Password -- High Success Rate

Passper for RAR is a professional offline RAR password cracker that is most suitable for complex password cracking. Besides, its simple user interface makes it easy for common users to feel the professional aspect of the software.

Below are the detailed features of Passper for RAR:

  • Trustworthy brand. Passper being a sub-brand of iMyFone which is a widely recognized tech company with testimonials from Macworld, TechRadar, PCWorld, , Cult of Mac etc.

  • High recovery rate. Passper for RAR contains 4 powerful attack modes include Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack, which greatly increase the chance of password recovery.

  • Fast recovery speed. Based on multicore CPU and GPU acceleration technology, Passper for RAR can check passwords in high speed.

  • Guaranteed data security. By using Passper for RAR, all your personal data is secured. You do not have to worry about data loss or data leakage.

Winrar Password Remover

Remove winrar password with notepad shortcut

Having recognized what Passper for RAR can offer, here is an on-point guide on how to achieve its functionality specs. Begin by installing Passper for RAR software from its website in your browser.

Step 1 Launch Passper for RAR and click the '+' icon on the interface to import the encrypted file from your computer storage. Proceed to select the recovery mode based on whether you can partially remember the password or not. Click 'Next' to move to the next phase.

Step 2 After filling in the necessary information, click the 'Recover' button. Instantly, the software will begin the recovery process. When the recovery process is completed, you will be notified and can, therefore, copy the password and move on to decrypt your file.

Method 2. Crack RAR/WinRAR Password with Notepad -- Low Success Rate

If you prefer to use some built-in programs on your computer, then Notepad is a good choice for you. Notepad is a widely used and built-in text file generator and editor program for computers and laptops. It uses a quick trick to bypass WinRAR password for your file in case you forgot the password. However, it's not fully guaranteed to crack the password. The success rate of using this method is relatively low, especially when the password is complex.

To decode a password using the Notepad app, you have to run the file on it and remove the passcode prompt by changing some strings. You can follow the below procedure to do that.

Step 1: Locate the encrypted RAR file and right-click on it. Select the 'Open with' option and proceed to choose 'Notepad' as your option to open the file.

Step 2: Click the 'Edit' menu at the top of Notepad. Choose the 'Replace' tab and proceed to replace the strings you wish to.

Step 3: Input the Ûtà and IžCO strings to replace with 5^3tà and IžC_0, respectively. Click the 'Replace All' and save the file.

To confirm the functionality of Notepad, open the RAR/WinRAR file using the WinRAR app and you will not be prompted for a password. These strings may vary in effectiveness depending on the file version.

Method 3. Crack RAR Password Online -- Not Recommended

In case you don't want to install any software on your computer or Notepad didn't help you fix the problem, you can use an online RAR password unlocker. There are many available options, but their effectiveness varies. In this case, you can consider LostMyPass RAR password cracker. The tool is free to use if you choose weak recovery; however, if your RAR file is protected with strong password, you need to turn to the paid version.

Although the online tool is convenient to use, this method is not recommended because it may put your data at risk of leakage. If you have decided to use this method, here is a guide on how to crack RAR password using LostMyPass password cracker.

Step 1: Visit the official website of LostMyPass. Choose WinRAR from the FILE TYPES menu.

Step 2: Upload your encrypted file to the website by clicking the 'or click here' button. Besides, you can drag from storage and drop to upload.

Step 3: Once completed, the password cracking starts immediately. Time taken depends on the complexity of the password, file version and the amount of workload on the recovery side.


Now, you have known some magnificent methods to unlock your RAR/WinRAR files including cracking RAR password using CMD, recovering RAR password online and offline. Certainly you can unlock your encrypted file with above methods. If you have found other workable methods, you are welcomed to leave a comment below.

Many people protect their RAR files so that no one can open that file without a password, others want to secure their RAR files from different employees but sometimes those people forgot their password. So, in order to gain access to their files they look for own RAR password. If you are also the one who has lost his password, then you don't need to go anywhere. You are in the best place. Just continue to read below because I am going to list a few solutions that will help you to remove RAR password.

Solution 1: Remove RAR Password with CMD

Note: This solution only works for RAR password with numeric values.

Winrar Password Torrent

Stage 1: Copy the code as below and paste them carefully into a blank notepad file.

@echo off
title WinRar Password Retriever
copy 'C:Program FilesWinRARUnrar.exe'
SET TMP=TempFold
SET/P 'NAME=File Name : '
IF '%NAME%'' goto ProblemDetected
goto GPATH
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
SET/P 'PATH=Enter Full Path (eg: C:UsersAdminDesktop) : '
IF '%PATH%'' goto PERROR
goto NEXT
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
goto PATH
echo File couldn't be found. Make sure you include the (.RAR) extension at the end of the file's name.
goto RAR
echo Breaking Password...
title Processing...
RD %TMP% /Q /S
Del 'Unrar.exe'
title 1 Password Found
echo File = %NAME%
echo Stable Password= %PASS%
echo Press any key to exit.

Stage 2: After following the first step the thing you need to do is to save the notepad as bat file. Just click on 'File' and then you need to click on 'Save as'.

Stage 3: After doing this you need to select 'Save as type' as 'All files', and then name them as rar-password.bat.


Stage 4: Just double click on that rar-password.bat file and then you need to open CMD. Right click on that protected file and choose properties from there you will be able to find RAR file name and path.

Stage 5: After that in CMD you need to type a file name and file path and after that just press enter.

Stage 6: When you will press enter it will find RAR password and you will be able to see the password in CMD.

Finally, you will be able to see your password but remember if your password is of alphabets then this solution will not work and you will be able to see that password recovery failed. So use this solution only if you know that your password was of numeric digits.

Solution 2: Remove RAR Password Online

Now you can remove RAR Password online if you are looking for online method that can decrypt your file then this solution is meant for you. Just go to this website and upload your encrypted file. But they will cost you 10 Euro for this service. Pay only if decryption will be successful. You can encrypt any type of document here. So easy to use just upload the document and fill the form they will email you a document with a password. Here is one of such online RAR password remover website:

Solution 3: Remove RAR Password via PassFab for RAR

PassFab for RAR is so amazing, if you are looking for how to remove password from RAR file,then must use this one. This tool will quickly let you open RAR files even you can open the latest version of RAR files. You can use its free trial version for a few days. This tool is so effective and easy to use just have a look below on the properties of PassFab for RAR.

  • This tool supports Windows 10/8.1/7/vista/XP/(32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Your hard space must be 200 MB free.
  • Your CPU must be 1 GHZ.
  • RAM must be 256 MB.
  • It supports files RAR Version: 3/2/1.5/1.3.
  • WinRAR Version: 4.2/4.1/4.0/3.9/3.8/3.7/3.6/3.5/2.9.

Stage 1: First thing you need to download this RAR password recovery software and install it.

Stage 2: After installation, click on Add button.

Stage 3: Upload RAR file that you want to unlock.


Stage 4. After uploading you will be able to see three types of Attacks types. Here you need to select one attack type according to your requirement.

  • Brute-force Attack (there is no need to define any settings if you select Brute-force Attack)
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack(by using Brute-force with Mask Attack you can give clues of your password in settings)
  • Dictionary Attack (this one is for a text file that contains characters a, ab, 123, 4, AB, etc.)

Stage 5. Click Start to start recovery. Finally, you will be able to decrypt RAR password or will be able to open your protected file.

Remove Winrar Password With Notepad Shortcut


Hope you like this article about how to remove RAR password manually. We have listed 3 solutions: First solution only works with numeric digits, if your password contains alphabets that solution will not work. As far as we talk about second solution that is good and easy to use but you need to cost 10 Euro for their service. We will strongly recommend you to use PassFab for RAR because it works with all types either your passwords contain letters, digits or numbers. You can use its trial version for few days. Consequently, do not miss this opportunity.

If you have an idea about other solution on how to remove RAR password, then don't hesitate to share with us. If you like this article, then do not forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Also, share it with your friends so that they can also extract RAR file without password easily. Stay tuned with us for more informative articles.