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Lossless Albums » FLAC 16 bit » Robin Trower - Studio Albums 1973-1983 (2019) FLAC Genres: FLAC 16 bit / Rock / Blues / Discography, 08:24 744 aleXs All music Robin Trower. Day of the Eagle: the Best of Robin Trower. Modifier l'album Reporter une erreur. Compilation, 2008, Capitol Records. Compilation of digitally remastered cuts. Day of the Eagle: 2. Confessin' Midnight: 4. Too Rolling Stoned (Live) 5. Bride of Sighs: 6. Man of the World: 7. Take a Fast Train: 8. Studio Album (23) - Live (5) King Biscuit Flower Hour: Robin Trower.


Studio Album (23) - Live (5) King Biscuit Flower Hour: Robin Trower. Search for and download any torrent from the pirate bay using search query eagle. Discography 30th Anniversary Edition Eagle Records. Robin Trower - Day Of The.

Robin trower discography torrent downloadI've been a Robin Trower fan since hearing the first note he recorded with Procol Harum. I kind of lost track of him after his outing with Jack Bruce but have recently begun to acquire on CD what I have on album.

Robin Trower Discography Torrent Download

DiscographyBGO is pairing up some of the old Trower albums in order of issue. Unlike the last set (For Earth Below and Robin Trower Live), the two albums here complement one another in such a way that it seems they should have been issued together.
I like Trower's hard-rocking songs, there are plenty on offer here: Same Rain Falls, Hold Me, Pride, Further On Up The Road, and Caledonia. But I also like his more experimental and innovative side: Somebody Calling, Smile, Love's Gonna Bring You Round, and In City Dreams. Guitar lovers will thrill to Trower's heroics and James Dewar's matchless voice gives depth and soul to his music in much the same way that Jack Bruce's vocals expressed the soul of Cream.
There is also a softer angle to some of Trower's songs which sometimes works very well, as on Sweet Wine of Love and Little Girl, though Dewar's voice is usually at it's best on the grittier songs.

Robin Trower Discography Torrent

Long Misty Days and In City Dreams feature some of the best of Robin Trower's early solo work. If you have been with Trower all along, you already know that. But if you are a recent convert. this is one of the key recordings you should add to your collection. BGO has put together a pairing that really works and is worth every penny of the price. (K.H.)
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Robin Trower
Bridge Of Sighs (1974)
Guitarist Robin Trower's watershed sophomore solo disc remains his most stunning, representative, and consistent collection of tunes. Mixing obvious Hendrix influences with blues and psychedelia, then adding the immensely soulful vocals of James Dewar, Trower pushed the often limited boundaries of the power trio concept into refreshing new waters. The concept gels best in the first track, 'Day of the Eagle,' where the opening riff rockingly morphs into the dreamy washes of gooey guitar chords that characterize the album's distinctive title track that follows. At his best, Trower's gauzy sheets of oozing, wistful sound and subtle use of wah-wah combine with Dewar's whisky-soaked soul-drenched vocals to take a song like the wistful ballad 'In This Place' into orbit. 'Too Rolling Stoned,' another highlight and one of the most covered tracks from this album, adds throbbing, subtle funk to the mix, changing tempos midway to a slow, forceful amble on top of which Trower lays his quicksilver guitar. One of the few Robin Trower albums without a weak cut, Bridge of Sighs holds up to repeated listenings as a timeless work, as well as the crown jewel in Trower's extensive yet inconsistent catalog.
foobar2000 1.4.3 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2020-11-06 22:11:39
Analyzed: Robin Trower / Bridge Of Sighs
DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR12 -0.71 dB -16.51 dB 5:03 01-Day Of The Eagle
DR13 -0.70 dB -15.57 dB 5:02 02-Bridge Of Sighs
DR14 -3.05 dB -20.74 dB 4:30 03-In This Place
DR13 -2.04 dB -16.56 dB 3:55 04-The Fool And Me
DR14 -0.70 dB -16.55 dB 7:33 05-Too Rolling Stoned
DR13 -1.27 dB -17.41 dB 3:44 06-About To Begin
DR12 -2.60 dB -16.34 dB 3:20 07-Lady Love
DR11 -2.45 dB -15.53 dB 4:17 08-Little Bit Of Sympathy
Number of tracks: 8
Official DR value: DR13
Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 3101 kbps
Codec: FLAC
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