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For some types of license keys under Windows 7/8/2008, the product key is not stored in the Registry, and thus 'Product key was not found' message will be displayed. If you bought your computer with installed operating system, you may find the Windows product key appeared in ProduKey utility is different from the product key on your Windows CD. If that’s the case, it simply means that our Product Key is stored into the Windows Registry. This only means that, in order to recover it, we will need to use the good old ProduKey tool by Nirsoft, which helps users and SysAdmins to recover Windows, Office and SQL Server Serial Numbers, License Keys and Product Keys since 2005.

Unless you manually disable the SERIALNUMBER scan item, Lansweeper scans the Windows computers in your network for software license keys. To reduce network traffic during scanning, only a limited number of keys are scanned by default and most scanning methods only scan keys once every 40 days. However, you can customize which keys are scanned and adjust the item interval of the SERIALNUMBER scan item. On-demand scans of license keys can also be performed by using one of the Rescan buttons found on asset pages and in asset overviews. The Rescan buttons ignore item intervals and immediately rescan all of a Windows computer's data.

The Reports tab of the console includes a built-in report called License: Software licensekey overview that lists the keys found on the Windows computers in your network. An individual computer's license keys are also listed in the SoftwareLicense Keys tab of the computer's Lansweeper webpage.

Rw Tools Licence Key
It's important to note that, from a Lansweeper point of view, software installations and software license keys are completely unrelated. You should not use license keys as an indicator of how many software installations exist in your network. This knowledge base article provides more info on the difference between software installations and license keys.

Lansweeper uses two methods to retrieve software license keys:

  • It searches the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry locations listed in the Lansweeper web console under SoftwareLicense Key Settings, for each Windows computer. Hundreds of registry locations are built into Lansweeper, though most are disabled by default to reduce network traffic during scanning. To enable scanning of a license key, tick the Enabled checkbox. Built-in registry locations are known by the Lansweeper team to store license keys. If you know of additional registry locations that store licenses, ones that are not built-in, you can add your own as well.
    - Some Microsoft keys (Office, SQL, Windows) are not included in the list, but scanned by default. Office licenses are pulled from the DigitalProductID and ProductKeys values under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftOffice (64-bit machines).
    - The Type column indicates whether Lansweeper will read the license key exactly as it is written into the registry (Plain Text) or decrypt it (Adobe and Microsoft keys).
    - The Var. column is only relevant for Microsoft keys and indicates whether Lansweeper will look for variations of the same registry value. For most keys, including any additional keys you may submit for scanning, this setting is not relevant.
    - You can have Lansweeper search additional registry locations for license keys by hitting the Add Product Key button. Submit a product name and the registry key and value that store the license key. Keep in mind that only registry locations within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE can be searched and don't forget to rescan your machines with one of the Rescan buttons, to immediately update license key information.
  • For products by software publisher Adobe specifically, it pulls additional license keys from .swidtag files on the Windows computer. Your Adobe software's .swidtag files should be stored in one of the file locations listed below. The first two are used by both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, while the third and fourth are used by more recent Windows operating systems. Lansweeper automatically scans Adobe .swidtag files for stored license keys.
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataAdobeISO‐19770
    If you are running the latest Lansweeper release, have recently and successfully rescanned your machines and are unable to find certain license keys, Lansweeper was unable to locate the keys using either of the aforementioned detection methods. Microsoft MAK keys, Microsoft Office 2000 (and lower) keys and some Microsoft Office 2013 (and higher) keys are not stored in the registry for instance, which makes these keys impossible to scan.
Rw tools licence key finder

Often times, we need to reinstall windows, and we require product key for activation. But starting from Windows 8, manufacturers don’t provide the product key sticker on the back of laptop instead they are embedding on your motherboard. Today I will show you guys how to extract the product key from your genuine windows laptop. The software that we are going to use is called RWEverything

WARNING: This software allows you to modify hardware settings, this may damage your system if something goes wrong. Author will not take any responsibility about that, you are on your own risk.

The laptop for demonstration, we are using is a Dell Laptop. I have only tested on dell laptops, haven’t checked the other. Though it should work fine.

Download the Software :

Rw Tools Licence Key Finder

32 bit


64 bit

The file is nearly 4 mb in size, once you downloaded it, open the folder. Since this a portable version, there is no need of installing. Open the Rw.exe

Now under ACPI table Window, go to MSDM tab

So there you have your product key in front of the DATA.

This tool comes in handy when ever you are formatting your whole laptop and you need your product key. Though you can also use other softwares like product key etc., but they will extract the product key from your installed OS and not from motherboard. If your laptop is not reinstalled with any other OS then you can go with the other apps. But if you have, for some reasons, installed other OS say ubuntu and had wiped the entire windows OS, then this tool comes in handy when you are installing windows. Do note that, other than finding the product key, this software is very powerful in extracting the motherboard details. It will also allow to edit too. So be careful while messing with other details.

Rw Tool Download

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