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So i was kind of sick of not doing absolutely anything around here and i know my game making skills are poor and would only result in some bad 1/4 finished game i decided to make a little guide(if 2700 words is little) for the painful (but fun) game GorePete made. Hope it helps

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How to beat Sakyubasu no Tatakai act 1
Note* this guide is for people who have the mechanical skills to be able to beat a basic action platform game. You must also be capable of completing the tutorial and reading what it says. Next I think Sakyubasu no Tatakai actually means battle succubus in Japanese not sure though but always good to have useless info right?
PROLOGUE – The Exile
Firstly, learn to hit spacebar to skip all dialogue because you will have read this over a million times e.g. the prologue.
Next go to the pentagram save and set your keys.
First fight incoming, walk into the next area and a gorger will jump up, to beat gorgers is easy. Walk up and attack and shield or jump if it charges at you.
Note* this is a good time to learn the range of your attacks as you need this to fight the bees.
Next fight and beat down the next gorger and seduce it when it is regenerating health easy enough right. Do not skip this fight dash is a very useful ability and needed later.
Next fight same deal walk up and attack the gorgers they are too far to hit at the same time so just hit 1 then walk forwards and hit the other still easy.
Save here then walk backwards and fight the two gorgers over again. Do this until you have enough to buy empower, after you get empower just set it as a skill and go back to beating down those 2 gorgers until you can get the next skill called blitz set this then save and prepare for the boss.
Note* Learn the range on blitz this will help A LOTSakyubasu
So this is really easy if you went and got blitz, basically walk up but DO NOT trigger the dialogue jump at the bosses height and use empower and blitz. If you did this at the right range, it should hit the boss 3 times and allow you to seduce. Now trigger the dialogue do the talking and walk backwards then use blitz to take him down to no health. If you did not get blitz or you didn’t kill him with the second blitz then you will need to shield his magic balls and wait for him to jump down avoid the spot where he plans to land and then attack while he is on the ground.
Note* this fight is about timing your shield to block his attacks then avoiding his jump so it is not hard and can be beaten on the first attempt. Sakyubasu No Tatakai Guide
CHAPTER 1 - A Death in the Family
Save HERE then ignore setting slam unless you like the skill because it is mostly useless until later. Walk over skip some dialogue then prepare for a fight. For the bees, you just need to use your shield if they shoot energy balls at you or dodge them. If a bee starts walking towards you it will use a series of melee attacks, which your shield can’t save you from, so don’t bother. To hurt them either use blitz or walk up attack at max range then walk backwards to dodge the bee’s counterattack or get up close attack and dash through then continue until it dies.
Note* Bees are stupid women who seem to have left their hit box for when they counterattack in the spare purse they leave at home so you can not hurt them while they counterattack.
Continue to fight and keep going right until you find a spot where killing a bee makes another drop, stay in this area and keep killing dem bees until a different coloured one drops, this one gives you honeypot an extremely useful skill which you use to heal yourself with. Go further to the right and talk to the champion, save the game and set honey pot as a skill. If you feel like levelling up now is the time to repeatedly kill bees to buy resolve.
Note* If you leave an area the enemies in that area will reset so if you leave with only 1 bee needed to be killed all will come back.
Ok so now this is where timing comes into play (kinda) to beat the stingers walk over use empower and ignore blitz as it will just let them get a free attack, wait for the stingers to attack and for the first time dodge everything. On the next attack dodge the attacks from the 2 flying stingers then shield the charge from the stinger on the ground afterwards, it will be stunned so you can hit it once or twice. Repeat this until A you can seduce or B they all go into a corner if b then just move out of the way of GIANT MARK ON THE GROUND and use honey pot if necessary. Start over to with a jump on the first stinger charge then beat the crap out of it until you win.
Go right meet Beezy and a cut scene will occur and take you to chapter 2
CHAPTER 2 – Fair Trade
Walk out of your house (and off dramatically into the sunset) and go down to the portal and talk to Bridgette (the angel) then walk left to trigger a cut scene. Afterwards go to Gorger town and buy from the shop bot. Feel free to buy the rusted sword because you don’t get another sword for a while but you can get a better armour in this chapter so you don’t need to waste souls on the leather.
Note* All bosses past this point are actually trial and error and will be enraging to unless you 1. Spend about a half hour figuring it all out or 2. read this guide. Regardless you will probably struggle but reading this will take a bit of the work out of it.
To get to the mask you need to save beforehand and fight through the arena to “impress it” and make it fight you. Recommended spells for this fight are; empower, blitz, honey pot
So the run down on this fight is to injure it while dodging its high damage attacks and avoiding its instant kill move. This is a boss, which makes me write this guide simply because to beat it without involves a lot of trial and error, which takes up precious time that noobs must use so they can complain about how difficult this game is.
Anyway getting started you need to walk to the right of the boss use empower and when it gets ready to move jump and use blitz to drop its health down and do tons of damage (hehehe LoL puns)then dash to avoid on the drop down. When it comes back along the ground (black arrow) dash through it to avoid taking damage and to deal a small amount of damage. If you don’t want to take any damage wait until it comes along the ground then jump or dash through the mask and do the same for the return trip.
Next will be the instant kill attack so run to the right of the boss leaving enough space so you can dash through it and when the flames begin to come up jump to max height and shield then hold attack and dash through it to the other side while pressing shield again then going back through to the right then to the left where you shield 1 last time. Stay on the left side and use honey pot if you took damage.
Finally the boss will split into 5 masks to avoid being hurt go to the far left or far right and wait until the mask above you shakes at which point jump and dash to the centre, when the centre one shakes jump and dash to the far side, repeat until it stops using this attack. Seduce if available if not repeat the previous steps until you can seduce.
Note* The mask will not be able to be seduced until it has finished its current attack. Only the centre mask can be hurt during the final attack stage. This boss is optional and can be killed in chapter two or three and gives armour as an ability so it is not required to be killed.

Sakyubasu No Tatakai Download

So the rundown on this one is dodging attacks and waiting until your “merry band of misfits” ambushes Bridgette so you can shoot the canon.
Walk into the portal area and shoot Bridgette in the face (but not too close or it misses) then run when she charges her ultimate ability. Go left and prepare yourself. When Bridgette walks into the room she will electrify the walls so don’t touch them. She has three attacks, which vary in frequency depending on her current position. In the first she will mainly use her first attack and some of her second attack. The next stage she will mostly use her first attack and the second attack more often with a small chance of her third attack. In the third stage she will mostly use her second attack with her first and third being used around an equal amount. In the final stage she mostly uses her second attack with frequent use of her third ability and low use of her first. To kill her you need to dodge attacks until the timer in the top right hand corner goes around which is when your allies/servants/friends will attack
1st attack
Bridgette swings her sword to shoot an energy wave, jump to avoid she will shoot bottom right then top left then bottom right then top right and finally bottom left. Learn the pattern and don’t jump into the top left and top right attacks.
2nd attack
Bridgette flies up and shoots a LAZOR at you to avoid it run to the far left right next to the wall and jump, at the maximum height shield to stay in the air to dodge the attack. Alternatively you can use blitz.
3rd attack
Bridgette goes and shoots chains into the ground, which will erupt out of the ground to bind you down. If caught Bridgette will use her instant kill attack that requires charging to prolong the pain. To avoid go to one side then run to the other when you reach the end jump and turn around then repeat until the attack ends. (Personal record for this happening to me was 8 times in a row)
CHAPTER 3 – Supremacy
Set abilities to; Empower, slam, honey pot and your summon as Bridgette. Go to the portal and talk to Bridgette to go to Beezy’s hive where there will be a cut scene. Next enemy you will need to fight will be the vanguard. The vanguard is actually easy to beat if you are patient. Move to the back against the wall then seduce until the guard is close but not enough to attack you then wait. When you see her charge up a move quickly jump and dash over then attack her from behind.
Note* All scenes will be slightly different if you have Bridgette instead of Eva.
In the hive you will find eggs DON’T HIT THEM if you didn’t read beforehand. The tenders you will fight are annoying but can be dealt with if you have slam. Attack them when they get out of the ground and chain attacks because they will not run or counter attack. The tenders are immune to everything except slam when underground so use that to bring them out of the ground. Jump to avoid any damage they do or shield at the right time to reflect them or block the goo they shoot.
Next fight is against both the vanguard and two tenders, to do this attack the tenders then make sure you face the vanguard so it doesn’t run towards you. Kill the tenders then fight the vanguard as you did before when it was alone.
Return to this room to get a new ability, to do this you need to kill three tenders with the same methods preferably killing the two non- elites first but this doesn’t need to be done, however it will be easier this way.
SakyubasuSave at the pentagram and if you want a new sword after a long and painful boss fight then read below about The Brood Mother if not then skip to Beezy.

Sakyubasu No Tatakai Guide Ragnarok

Recommended spells for this fight are; empower, slam, spawn. This fight is about moving dodging and making sure that the eggs don’t hatch while using slam and spawn. The Brood mother only uses two attacks but they are not the main focus of this fight. To beat this you must jump and dash to avoid her basic 1st attack while making sure that you dash through the egg in the roof to damage it. The eggs in the roof will hatch into tenders, which spit goo down on you so it is imperative to stop this by dashing through them. To actually hurt the boss you need to use spawn in the correct direction and use slam when you are right next to her making this a very long boss fight. For Bridgette only 1 spell will hit which is her 3rd ability so use it when available if you choose to use Bridgette.
1st attack is a series of small waves, which push you backwards with a green one at the back that hurts you on contact. There is 5 waves in total per attack to avoid just jump over or use slam/spawn to lose your hit box while casting. This attack is low damage but very frustrating due to the reset on the brood mother’s health when you are knocked out.
2nd attack is spikes erupting from the ground, which do very high damage and will kill you if you are hit by more than one. To avoid this look for the animation that is different to the normal one and then dash into the boss until the spikes stop erupting.
3rd attack is something I don’t see very much but it has happened to me two times where I died but it looked like that spikes erupted from the ground all at once to instakill. Because I haven’t seen this much the only way you would be able to dodge this is to use slam at the correct time to avoid all the spikes.
Note* This is a very difficult fight and will take a while to beat even with this (useless) guide. Not like any other of these boss guides help.
So this is the end with the fight against beezy she is naturally the hardest boss of the game so far for most people. Personally, I think she should do more damage with her abilities than she currently does but I shouldn’t say that for my personal safety (wait a minute OH ****). Beezy is basically dodge and avoid then hit during the first attack stage. Simple concept hard to execute so good luck with that.
1st attack is a constant attack (which I don’t think ever ends) will summon tornadoes that will go across the screen and hurt you. While this is all happening a wind is blowing you backwards so you must always be running forwards to slow down being pushed backwards. In order to actually get close you need to run along the ground and dash through tornadoes that are on the lower level. In this stage get close and dash through her to inflict damage. After hitting Beezy three times she will disappear going into the 2nd attack stage.
2nd attack stage you need to go to the far right then when you see beezy appear above you or you know the timer walk slightly left to avoid the pillar drops on you. Keep doing this until the attack stops this will take 5 pillars. If you moved to far at one point dash back into the pillars to avoid an instant death against the spiked wall.
3rd attack is a GIANT TORNADO that instantly kills you but only if you touch it. To avoid this attack run against the wind and at about half way through the room dash through and continue dashing in towards Beezy’s throne. At the end of this right before beezy stop you can use honey pot to heal a bit of damage.
So this is a bit rough but i probably will update it. If Gorepete makes Act 2 and so on i will update this with a continuation of this walkthrough.
Final note* This game is not hard but is challenging even with what you are given here expect to spend a little while attempting bosses.
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