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Once again I come back to these forums. This time with a much more polished and complete idea for additional SF content.
Also once again I am sorry for writing in English. I do not know German and I think at least some of these ideas are worth considering.
So let's jump right into it.
Available from City Guard.
Under the work for city guard there would be a scroll. On this scroll each day there would be 10 to 12 mission to which we could assign Tower Followers.
Each day we can look through all the missions at once to see the rewards and make only 6 of them.
Wether you would send one follower per mission or all of them thats to consider.
The important thing is that they wouldn't fight, just bring the reward straight back away.
The access to the City Guard screen should be available always, but when we are on Tavern missions we should not be able to work for the Guard. (very simple).
Each mission gives only one reward, chosen from those below:
1) Experience
2) Gold
3) One Mushroom
4) Sack of Items – chance for random 1-2 items (you see them after you get them)
5) Beer – you drink and you get additional 20 points for Tavern missions on that day.
6) Beer Ticket – used would give us 3 next Beers in Tavern for free
7) Experience Potion – drink before mission – it gives double experience
8) Potion of Luck – gives 50% critical chance and increases gold gain for one mission
9) Faery Dust – can be used on toilet to increase the tank by 25 points.
10) Poker Room Ticket – see below
11) Map Fragment – see below
12) Crystal Ball Fragment – see below
13) Medal of Honor Fragment (getting three of these upgrade your new Medal of Honor by one and so you get additional +1 do statistics).
There would be one new event in the mix, which would change normal rewards in Tavern missions to those mentioned above.
After all nine scrolls will be unlocked the Witch will still take items.
After hitting 100% in the Witch on the next two days a random event is created.
There are two ways we can make this work.
Either this would not work on weekends or it could work on weekends and two events could be working at the same time (or one event with double rewards – like double chance for epics).
The Poker Room could be accessed from Armory – maybe by clicking on the Chicken?
This Room has two specific uses.
On the front there is a Shady Dealer.
He has 8 items. Those can be:
1) Normal items, but with higher values then in Magic Shop and Armory
2) Epic items
3) Any of items mentioned on the Rewards list above.
4) Best mount but lets say for 20-22 mushrooms
5) Special mount (also 50%) that increases slightly gained experience or gold (or something else)
However, the Shady Dealer shop changes only once a week on Wednesday.
You can also reroll the shop by giving Poker Room Ticket, which can be found on Bounties (Follower Missions).
The other option in Poker Room would be the Poker table in the back.
Each day you can play at the table just once. You have to pay a lot of gold to do so.
By playing you can gain nothing or something from the Reward list mentioned above.
There could be an option to use (only on the Poker Room) Potion of Luck from Magic Shop.
This Potion would work here normally for 3 days (and could stack like normal potions) and it would decrease a chance of loosing (meaning – not winning anything).
This would be an additional item on Hero Screen.
You could make this item (and after that upgrade it) with found Crystal Ball Fragments (that would also cost gold).
The Crystal Ball would increase your damage by percent value.
The more you upgrade it the bigger the bonus. BUT the Crystal Ball would only work on Dungeons.
What is this for?
The differences between monsters in 13th Floor Dungeon are dramatic. It's impossible to add new dungeon.
However with the introduction of Crystal Ball it would be possible to create new single and Guild Dungeons. (at least I hope so)
How many Fragments would be needed per upgrade and what would be the level requirement? Well, these things would have to be calculated.
They would be accessed from the Dungeons tab.
In short Crypts are an exact copy of single player Dungeons 1 to 13, but they work differently.
Each Dungeon has 10 stages and from the beginning we have on the screen first 9 dungeons.
Here it would be exactly the same – we would have the same 9 but this time Crypts.
In Crypts you do not have to find a key to a certain „crypt”. No, here it's more difficult – you must find the right amount of Map Fragments to create a Map to gain access to ONE stage in one dungeon.
When you do get access to a stage you can now try to complete it. However each stage works more like a Guild Dungeon that you would have to clear with your Tower Followers. I will explain this on an example
In first dungeon – Catacombs the first enemy was some kind of Spectre.
The new Crypt would imitate that. But when you enter you see let's say 10-20 enemies and the Spectre is the Boss of this stage.
The monsters would be powerfull and when you defeat one it is permamently dead and the rest heals.
So we gain access, enter and start fighting. We manage to kill the first enemy and wound the 2nd. Next time we try the first enemy is still dead, and we start off from the next one.
The reward system would work as in normal dungeons.
In Guild we have the following options:
I. Guild Dungeon II. Guild War
I propose adding additional two:
III. Loot Run
Accessed by Guild Master brings out a list of let's say 100 locations.
GM chooses one and after a couple of hours comes a guild fight similar to Guild Dungeon (of course the trip would cost a lot of gold) and requires guild members to join.
Now Playa would have to prepare 100 different fights. Some much more difficult then others. Each of them very specific and with specific rewards (see below).
BUT all of these fights would be connected to specific location names on random when the guild would be created. So every guild can experience different fight on the same location.
Of course once the location is cleared it stays that way.
But it's quite easy to push this further and after a year add another 100 locations.
At least half of locations should give only experience.
Now for other rewards:
1) Building upgrades (I will explain them in a section below).
2) Specific Boss fight that gives a stamp for scrapbook.
3) One reward for each party member (random unique item or potion or 50% mount)
IV. Holiday Runs
Also working like Guild Dungeon these would be rather easy to make, but the option for them would show up only on certain holidays.
So let's say around Christmas you could try this one for a week. It would reward mostly experience, sometimes unique item for each party member with a small chance of fighting unique boss like Santa (that would award a stamp for scrapbook).
So... Christmas? Haloween? Maybe some elementals for New Year? A lot of options here.
Access to a new screen from the guild section.
As I mentioned above doing Loot Runs would unlock new building – of course you have to build them first (some for schrooms). Let's see what we have here:
1) I think we can easily give 5 or with time even 10 new levels to Trainer and Treasury (the cost in schrooms does not have to get higher).
2) Stables – increases all bought mounts time by 1 day.
3) Headhunter Headquarters – each level of this one gives access to addition Guild Dungeon (after finishing number 50) – also easy to add at least 5 to 10.
4) Library – each level decreases stamps baseline by 100 in the Scrapbook (explained in Scrapbook section).
5) Fortifications – each level increases Guild members statistics by 10 during Guild Wars, Dungeons and so on.
6) Farm – on the first day of each month gives all Guild members one schroom.
7) Armory – gives all guild members additional item slot.
8) Sherif's office – increases slightly gold reward on City Guard.
9) Museum – just looks nice (with a ton of schrooms get a gold guild screen )
1700 stamps we have right now in Scrapbook.
20-30 stamps are from Toilet.
100 new we got from Tower.
130 new stamps from Crypts (with simple recoloring).
40-60 new stamps would come from single and Guild Dungeons (with Crystal Ball).
So it would be possible to push the limit to 2000 stamps, I think even more.
With the addition of Library for each level of this building the baseline would decrease by 100 stamps.
So let's say we do have 2000 stamps. If we have all of them, then we get 100% more experience on missions.
With one Library upgrade you would only need 1900 stamps to get 100%.
So with 10 levels of Library you need only 1000 stamps for 100%, but all counts so when you get 2000 stamps you get 200% bonus.
So that's it. There's a lot of stuff here and quite some changes. Some of you might be against it. But the truth is the game is ending. People have almost cleared all dungeons. Leveling the character and toilet takes ages now.
If this game is supposed to go on we need a bunch of new stuff.... and here it is.

Shakes And Fidget W8

Please note that this guide is written for players who do not intend to purchase mushrooms with real money. A: If you want to increase the amount of quests you can do, you should save it for the gryphon mount (25 mushrooms over 14 days). Gryphon doubles the amount of quests you can do over 14 days. A combination of the raptor/tiger and beer still should not beat the gryphon. Should you have.