Sonos Web Interface

This project is still in development, therefore the features may be buggy and / or limited Description. Sonos-web is a web interface for the Sonos Audio System, created with the goal of having a nice looking interface to manage the queue, add streaming services like Spotify (even for non-premium users!) and allow other developers to customized the UX as they want by making the. Sonos registers its players under the 'SonosZP' client ID. Step 2: Checking the status of the Wifi link Sonos provides a little known on the port 1400 of their players that you can access from any web browser at the following URL. It also has samba installed by default, and sharing the /flash folder with read/write permissions for easier access. Just visit sonos from a windows machine or smb://sonos from macOS (replace sonos with the IP if it doesn't work) To write the image to an SD-card, use the dd command on Linux and OS X, or Win32DiskWriter for Windows. Sonos Web is a browser based controller for your Sonos sound system. Install Sonos Web on a single computer and access and manage your system from any browser on your network. Sonos Web relies upon the node-sonos project for all its Sonos communication. Sonos Web has been tested on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and Raspbian Stretch Lite (9.6).

Finally, the newest Home center is deployed!

What’s new?

Sonos Secret Interface

  • Monitoring of the home automation system. View the results in graphics and statistics.
  • Camera integration
    • Supported camera systems:
      • 2N camera
      • AVTech camera
      • Videology (existing setup)
    • Available in all clients: Windows, iOs App, Web (Android) interface
    • Trigger an Email with an snapshot of the camera
  • Web settings: view the connected devices: Home automation system, Sonos, IR, Camera’s, connected Home center clients
  • Beta version of clean up components (make sure to make a back up first before executing)


  • New Velbus modules are now supported: VMBPIRO, VMBPIRC, VMBPIRM, VMBGP4PIR, VMB1BLS, VMB1RYNO, VMBDMI-R
    Execute read changes to make them available in ‘Manage zones’ in the Windows client!
  • Improved feedback from thermostats

Sonos Web Interface Password


  • Web settings: menu reordered
  • Web: improved scaling of components
  • User management: duplicate user names are no longer allowed
  • Web settings: option to push PC time to Home center interface server
  • Web settings: new option to also backup the system settings of the Home center interface server
  • Web settings: page to manage network settings available in menu
  • Improved stability of the connection to Sonos devices
  • Triggering of rules: we avoid triggering the rules too often. For example: e-mailing of the energy production of solar panels
  • Faster startup

Bug fixes

  • SMS for both CM and Clickatell are fixed


  • Improved connection stability
  • Operating shades improved
  • Improved usage of inputs

!Breaking change!

Sonos Web Controller

  • None, upgrading goes smoothly!