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  1. The basic plot revolves around the Little family, who adopt Stuart (a mouse) despite warnings to 'adopt within your own species.' The computer-generated animation is flawless, and those with pet cats or rodents will share a knowing smile or two as the watch their.
  2. Watch the full movie, online. 4 / 5 stars 41% 66%. 1999 92 min PG Kids & Family, Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Kids Feature Film. Link your DIRECTV account to Movies Anywhere to enjoy your digital collection in one place. 4 / 5 stars 41% 66%.

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  • Category : Animated Movies (Hindi)
  • Source : DVDRip
  • Genre : Animation Adventure Comedy,
  • Starcast : Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie
  • Description : The Little family adopt a charming young mouse named Stuart, but the family cat wants rid of him.
  • Duration : 84 min
  • Total Downloads : 57K+
  • Subtitles : Stuart-Little-1999-1CD-25fps-EN-22kB-english-subtitle (English)
    • Rating : 0.01
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    Review this title
    A Truly Nice Film
    I liked this better than the original, and that's a high compliment because I thought highly of the original film: Stuart Little. As good as that was, I just thought this was even better.
    All the voice-overs are excellent with Nathan Lane having the best lines as 'Snowball,' the cat. He was simply hilarious, line after line.
    The film once again features great colors, a virtual rainbow of them, especially with some of the inventive rooms in the Little house. The parents, once again, are super nice. It's a treat to watch Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie play an old- fashioned 'Leave It To Beaver'-type couple. The film has no objectionable material and leaves you with a nice feeling. There are animated films or animated/real life combinations like this, that advertise 'family-friendly viewing' but don't really deliver, instead sneaking in sexual innuendos and the like.
    Not here. This one is pure, morals-wise, except for one scene near the end when the mom (Geena Davis) tells Stuart and their son she's still proud of them even though they just got caught in a big lie. (Inferring that the lie was okay since everything turned out okay.) Other than that, nothing but good messages were heard and seen all around and this is a funny movie, to boot. Highly recommended for the family, and that's no cliché.
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    I do not exaggerate in giving this my highest rating. I enjoyed it *that* much.
    As of present (May 2010), I have never read the E.B. White classic 'Stuart Little,' however I have had the delightful privilege to see the two films based loosely upon its content. The first 'Stuart Little,' released in 1999, was a very sweet and charming little family picture that I enjoyed immensely as a kid and still do to this day. I remember I also enjoyed the sequel, 'Stuart Little 2' when I was younger, but now having re-watched the film for the first time in a long time, I discover that a rare instance has occurred: I enjoy the movie more now as an adult than I did when I was eleven. Perhaps it's because I now understand the adult humor and Snowbell's hilarious lines better, but overall, 'Stuart Little 2' is a very good picture.
    In the sequel, Stuart Little (voiced by Michael J. Fox) now has a quintessential relationship to his family. His human brother George has accepted him as a sibling and the cat Snowbell is now his pal instead of his enemy. However, poor Stuart feels a little left-out in the world because of his small size and his lack of real friends. That is until a little bird named Margolo (voiced by Melanie Griffith) literally drops into his life (from the sky), pursued by a vicious falcon. When they are clear of the evil bird's talons, Stuart and Margolo develop a very strong, very heart-warming friendship while teaching to the younger audience members very important lessons about life and friendship.
    Those messages were communicated to be very well when I was younger and they still are today. I'm not exactly sure why I like 'Stuart Little 2' more as an adult than I did as a kid, but maybe it's because I can understand the full extent of it. The filmmakers made the right choice to film it as a family picture, incorporating elements that children can understand but leaving in great moments of comedy to keep the adults interested. More so than in the first one, the picture is kept upbeat by the hilarious presence of Snowbell the cat, voiced by Nathan Lane, who has one terrific one-liner after another. A favorite moment of mine is when Snowbell is serving as a tool so Stuart can speak into a payphone. Their time runs out and he asks Snowbell for more change. The cat looks at the mouse standing on his head and cackles out: 'What do I look like? A fanny pack?' 'Stuart Little 2' is a real treat to look at with some gorgeous cinematography and a deliberately over-painted New York City with everybody in the movie wearing extravagant outfits. The special effects used for Stuart, Margolo, Snowbell, the falcon, and the other animated characters in the film is very good, best exemplified by the eyes of Stuart and Margolo. Their eyes are solid black with no visible pupils, but the animators carefully manipulate the characters' expressions to mirror every emotion that could be asked for from a real-life performer.
    Perhaps the best element of 'Stuart Little 2' is the change of point-of-view from the first one. In the original film, most of the plot involved the Littles' difficulties in adopting a talking mouse as a child and a great portion of the film was people looking down upon little Stuart. Here, the story takes place on Stuart's level, from his point-of-view, and we come to associate and identify more with him this time around. I also really like Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis, and Jonathan Lipnicki as Stuart's adoptive family, who do a really good job at maintaining the illusion that they are communicating to a two-inch mouse adopted as their son and treating him with loving affection.
    But the best scenes are the scenes of Margolo and Stuart, particularly a little scene where they are on a date at a makeshift drive-in movie theater: sitting in Stuart's model car in front of a television, watching Alfred Hitchcock's marvelous 1958 film 'Vertigo' which we later learn is a poignant choice as there are some parallels in the relationship between Stuart and his avian companion.
    'Stuart Little 2' is a wonderful family film. Some may question my judgment and wonder if I exaggerate just a little in shelling out my highest rating for this film. You may ask: maybe it's good, but is it *that* good? Well, maybe not on some critical scales. But the way I review movies, dissecting and analyzing but more or less reporting how I personally responded, than no, not in the least. I enjoyed 'Stuart Little 2' so much, every little second of it was a gem for me, and I more than enthusiastically award it ten stars.
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    A parable on drifting siblings
    Stuart Little 2 is one of those children's films that appeals to both the children and those who must pay the ticket price. I thought those kinds of films only existed with the name 'Pixar' stamped on them or the occasional 'Dreamworks.' The film largely compiles odds and ends from the first film to try and lift the sequel off its feet but its sweet, good-natured charisma and kinetic warmth make the seventy-eight minute endeavor worth it.
    The 'Little' family are still happy, vibrant, and warm in their quest to give their new mouse sibling, Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox) a home he can be proud of. Yet the mother (Geena Davis) still worries that Stuart's small stature gives him the unfair advantage in sports and life itself, while the father (Hugh Laurie) is more of an optimist and feels that if a Little applies himself, he can be quite the character.
    The main themes Stuart Little 2 tries to explore, however, are not about doing anything you want to do and proving that being small isn't a limitation but a welcomed challenge, like the first film, but more about siblings that drift away from each other. Stuart's older brother, George (Jonathan Lipnicki) is beginning to spend more time with his friends rather than Stuart, and while this is a natural part of life, it is nonetheless heartbreaking to the mouse himself, who begins to view himself as just a pest (no pun intended).
    Stuart begins to befriend a small yellow canary named Margalo (Melanie Griffith), who he rescued after seeing her being pursued by an ominous falcon in the sky. It turns out, Margalo is in cahoots with the falcon to steal valuables from homes all across New York City, but little Margalo keeps that secret away from Stuart when she discovers how kind and gentle he really is.
    Stuart Little 2 isn't particularly compelling or a very life-affirming film, but it's a genial, warm picture, with great computer effects, wonderful yet subtle themes on sibling relationships, and a plethora of jokes that kids and adults will find pleasing and joyful.
    Starring: Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, and Jonathan Lipnicki. Voiced by: Michael J. Fox, Melanie Griffith, and Nathan Lane. Directed by: Rob Minkoff.
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    cute kid's movie
    Some cartoons, even those aimed primarily at children, are still well worth seeing for adults. I was hoping Stuart Little 2 would be one of those, but it falls just a little short of the mark. It's cute, and it's funny enough to have kept me from turning it off, but it's a kid's movie all the way. If you're a parent who wants to watch something with your kid this is a good choice because it's fairly entertaining, but I wouldn't recommend it to adults without kids. But it's darn cute.
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    This 'Little' goes a long way.
    While less isn't always more, the makers of 'Stuart Little 2' resisted the temptation to pad it out from its shorthand running time, meaning it goes by quickly and painlessly. Not that the actual plot of this followup to the original charmer is hard to take in itself (Stuart is starting to feel a bit left out, and when Margalo the wren literally drops into his life he gets a new dimension).
    In terms of technical levels it's only slightly easier to fault (Margalo looks a bit too cartoonish to be real, unlike Stuart Little himself and the falcon that's the movie's villain - but then again, Melanie Griffith [the voice of Margalo] always seems like a cartoon anyway), but the story by screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin and the movie's producer Douglas Wick is what makes this ultimately inferior to its predecessor; what helped drive 'Stuart Little' was our hero's wish to be accepted by his human brother and by the cat - sneer all you want, but the family message was hard to ignore. For the sequel it's more standard - the friend who's acting out of ulterior motives at first but then turns out to be a real friend, etc. Stuart isn't so much the protagonist this time, and it hurts a little.
    So the freshness is reduced, but this still isn't stale - the charm and humour of the first movie remains, Michael J. Fox and Nathan Lane are as adept as ever as Stuart and Snowbell ('This better be important.' 'Margalo is missing.' 'I'd better be more specific - I meant important to ME.'), and the human Littles remain just right - loving but not without making you want to slit your own throats. HBO Family has recently aired an animated version with all the principals except Hugh Laurie absent - it'll have to go a long way to live up to the two movies. (In-joke for score fans: Alan Silvestri slips in a quote from his 'Back to the Future' theme in the climax.)
    But I can see why this didn't do as well at the box-office as it should have - having a soccer match plus including Gilbert O'Sullivan AND Celine Dion on the soundtrack was asking for trouble..
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    A wonderful movie with amazing technology..great for the entire family!
    We liked the first one so much that we went to see this one without our grandkids. It was spectacular. The technology is amazing, the story is cute, Nathan Lane is just the funniest and best as is Michael J Fox, Geena Davis and James Woods. A can't miss great summer movie, even better than the first one. Kudos to the people who put this together!
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    good family flick
    While I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, I hold with the minority opinion that it isn't up to the standards of the original. The first movie succeeded in being sweet and charming without being the least bit sugary. Alas, the sequel doesn't entirely avoid this pitfall (that 'little high, little low' business is just a little gagging). Also, the plot is too predictable, although that probably won't matter much to children, who are, after all, the film's target audience.
    These are really minor quibbles, though. 'Stuart 2' is a fine movie, both for kids and adults. The special effects are well-done, all the actors do a good job in their roles, and the dialogue has some real gems. Particularly noteworthy is Snowbell, the cat (voiced to hilarious perfection by Nathan Lane). He gets all the best lines, and steals every scene he's in--he even upstages Stuart himself! Verdict: Good movie. Go see.
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    A nice sequel
    'Stuart Little 2' is a nice and sweet sequel with the same charms as the first movie. The mouse Stuart (voice by Michael J. Fox) has an adventure in the big city together with the house cat Snowbell (voice by Nathan Lane) because the bird he loves (voice by Melanie Griffiths) is taken by Falcon (James Woods). Of course the family Little (with Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie and son George played by Jonathan Lipnicki) is looking for Stuart.
    A movie like this is allowed to be predictable. You know it will end happy and that is the way it should end. A movie like this needs some charming, sweet and funny moments and 'Stuart Little 2' has those moments. Every moment between Margalo the bird and Stuart is sweet and charming and especially the moments with the real characters are sometimes very funny. Another nice thing is the creation of the mouse and bird itself. Since Stuart or Margalo is in almost every scene in the movie there is always something nice to look at. This is a perfect movie for the whole family.
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    Think E.B. White's got a lot of explaining to do..
    First off, I enjoyed this movie immensely.
    Not only does this movie family-friendly - with absolutely zero content that are controversial, too high-end, derogative or political, but ,most of all, it inspired me a lot. Quite frankly, this story caused my mind to explode - with a bit of imagination Stuart and Margalo opened up a whole new universe.
    Flashbacks from the first film reminded me that first we saw Stuart was in an orphanage - and that's that, and all Mrs. Keeper mentioned about Stuart's 'parents' was that they were smashed by falling cans, which, in certain aspects, raised me a flag about this little mouse: There's more to this character.. WAY more.
    Then questions started flooding into my head: Who exactly is Stuart? What's his history? Who WAS Stuart? Where and when's he from? How come his mouse-form able to speak languages that is understandable to humans? Was he once a human-like creature, then somehow got turned or reincarnated into a mouse(hopefully reincarnation)? If so, what happened, and who is or was his biological parents? If his reincarnation into a mouse grant the mouse power to communicate with humans, then what's his heritage? Stuart sailed beautifully in the first film and here he flies like an ace combat pilot - did he carry those on from his previous life? Stuart and Margalo hit it off pretty fast - like old flames: was there past connection rekindled, and Margalo was actually his girlfriend or fiancée from his previous life? Were there stories to that previous life? What happened? What happens next? ..
    A lot of these questions overwhelmed my thoughts and I rarely see that happen even in these days' big-budget films(not even Avengers movies can spark that kind of inspiration), so believe me when I say I wanted to give a ten for this film. Though sadly, the ending's pretty harsh: Even when they are pretty much in love, the canary's still restricted by her migrant habit to the south or else she'll freeze to death in winter.
    Really wish they had not been that hasty to cut off this movie that soon: turning it into a high-level sci-fi fantasy romantic drama might even explain a lot of things. Master White wrote the original script, but he didn't made preparations to my questions should they arise.. and now that he's gone those questions became exploitable loopholes, don't they? Maybe instead of all the pointless Disney remakes that could potentially ruin the once-classic tales they could spare some efforts to make Stuart Little great again? And maybe the next one to make a Stuart Little film would answer my questions, if he or she ever exist?
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    Bigger and Better Than the First.Warning: Spoilers
    Stuart Little 2 (2002): Dir: Rob Minkoff / Cast: Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis / Voices: Michael J. Fox, Melanie Griffith, Nathan Lane: Major improvement after the pathetic film that preceded it. This one is broader in its themes and contains a simplistic plot yet detailed structure and exciting climax. Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis return as Mr. and Mrs. Little and they are as plain and cardboard as they were in the first film where they seemingly adopt a mouse that wears clothes and not bat an eye at the absurdity. Here we accept it and Stuart joins George Little, the son of the parents, at school. He scores a new friend in the form of a bird named Margalo. She lands in Stuart's miniature car to escape a falcon but the real story is that she is a thief under threat by this falcon. She is forced to steal Mrs. Little's wedding ring. She disappears and Stuart is determined to locate her and face the falcon. Directed by Rob Minkoff who made the horrible first film as well as the Disney masterpiece The Lion King. Michael J. Fox voices Stuart, the mouse determined not to be outdone by his small stature and face odds larger than life. Melanie Griffith voices the soul searching Margalo who discovers friendship and a life outside crime and oppression. Nathan Lane steals scenes voicing Snellbell the fluffy cat with an appetite for food but shies away from danger. Strong themes for families regarding making a difference regardless of one's size. Score: 7 ½ / 10
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    Lovely Family FilmWarning: Spoilers
    Its a lovely heart warming film filled with adventure, Happiness, love, and the true meaning of friendship! Micheal J fox does a grand job voicing Stuart little! When a female canary who stuart befriends gets in trouble with a evil falcon who is making the canary do crimes that she does'nt want to do! Stuart and his pal snow bell go to the rescue. There are some sad scenes when things go wrong for Stuart! And the soundtrack for the film is brilliant. The Soundtrack was that good i recently purchased it which i enjoyed hearing. I Loved this film and would recommend it to anyone! Its a film for all the family to enjoy and the children will love it.
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    Too bad

    Twilight 1 Movie In Hindi Watch Online

    Warning: Spoilers
    I know that 'Stuart Little ' is a movie specially Destined for kids, but it is so boring, that I don't know how even kids can handle it, and also how Geena Davis( who is a great actress) had the courage to work in a piece of junk like this. The only funny thing in this movie is Snowbell, the white cat of the Little's family. And that's it. The most annoying thing is the plot: How can a family adopt a mouse and think this is the most normal thing in the world, thinking of him as a son and a brother to his kid? And even more absurd is the idea of Stuart Little going to a human School,having classes and playing soccer with humans. I like family movies, but this one is too awful to be true.
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    Fifth Element Meets Accidental TouristWarning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.
    I am really enjoying big kids movies. That's because they are so well engineered -- a little skill in understanding what works adds up to big DVD sales. In this case, we have something that superficially resembles the first film but is actually a beast of a different order.
    In this case, the whole purpose of the film is the creation of the world, slightly adjusted from ours a half step toward fantasy. This is all built around Geena Davis, in remarkable red hair and slightly heavy fifties pancake, makeup influenced by Julianne Moore's recent work. She's a really clever actress who finds and communicates a niche that brings the architecture of the thing to life. Watch what she does, and how the score extends everything she says.
    The story is only an excuse to keep things moving: but the Leeloo influence in Margalo is strong. Watch the two films together for great fun.
    As with recent fare (Pirates, Nemo, Ring, Potter), we have lots of vertical space.
    Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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    One of my favorite films EVER!
    There is nothing negative I can say about Stuart Little 2. The voices, the direction, the production, the acting, and the story are close to perfect. Stuart Little 2 is a sequel that is better than the original.
    Nathan Lane is the voice of Snowball, the cat. He just about steals the show. Melanie Griffith is the voice of Margalo (I love that name), the bird with the broken wing whom Stuart rescues. All the voices including Michael J. Fox as the voice of Stuart and Steve Zahn as Monty, the alley cat, are great! The entire cast is uniformly excellent with Hugh Loring as Mr. Little and Geena Davis as Mrs. Little.
    Don't let negative comments and reviewers on this site who abhor family life depicted in a positive way keep you away from this treat.
    Go see it and enjoy. People of all ages will love it.
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    Another Rob Minkoff's masterpiece..and better than the first.Full
    Watch her because it's excellent, it has excellent performances and the story is great, it's cute and fun and entertaining.
    I watched the movie 'Stuart Little 2' and I loved it, it's the second part, I like the one and the 2, they are entertaining, comic, like the other, dramatic comedy with touches of animation but this time there New characters in the little family Stuart Little's friend Margalo, with voice of Melanie Griffith, Falcon with voice of James Woods and is suitable for all audiences, I really liked, another of the best movies I've seen. I love this movie is one of my favorite, the best performances of Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie and Jonathan Lipnicki the best performances of all, a fun and entertaining film for the whole family. It is another masterpiece by Rob Minkoff and I give him 10 points.

    Stuart Little 2 In Hindi

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    Another great family film
    As someone who has always enjoyed the first 'Stuart Little', I found the sequel to be just as charming. Like the original, this is another great family film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and not just the young kids it's targeted at. The sequel does everything just as well, if not better than the first film.
    I'm surprised at how poorly 'Stuart Little 2' was received, not only with the ratings on IMDb, but it also didn't do well at the box-office. Considering the sequel has more adventure and in general more fun than the original, I don't see why so many people seemingly didn't like it. I always thought the 'Stuart Little' films were impossible not to like!

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    An Adventurous AdventureWarning: Spoilers
    I saw the trailer in 2002, but I didn't see the whole film until some time later. I saw the last third of it on 25th March 2007. Stuart Little 2 contributed to an adventurous evening. It follows on from the first film very nicely and the characters and animation are brilliant. Stuart is cute and Margalo is sweet.
    Throughout the film, I experienced that feeling of bonding with the characters and feeling like I was actually there with them. I was also interested to learn the meaning of 'the silver lining'. Falcon is a great villain and the sequence at the park is really fun to watch. Stuart fixes George's broken plane saves Margalo and flies through the park with Margalo at his side. Falcon gives chase but loses them while the Little family follow them in a taxi. Stuart using Mrs. Little's ring to reflect the sunlight at Falcon is a clever idea - as is using a handkerchief as a parachute! The kamikaze attack works and Falcon falls out of the sky and into a garbage can Monty is scavenging in.
    One scene I love is when Margalo and Stuart embrace each other. It's in the music video as well. That moment warms the love in my heart. Marcelo bids the Little family farewell and leaves with the other birds to migrate South. Stuart says 'the silver lining' is that Margalo will be back in the Spring. The Sunset over New York is beautiful - as is the song 'I'm Alive' by Celine Dion. No family should be without this adventurous adventure!
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    Stuart is the most adorable mouse ever!
    I just watched Stuart Little 2 on television and even though I've seen it before, I have to say, it was great. This film, in my opinion, took a steady improvement from the prequel. There's more action, excitement and wonder to it which is fantastic!
    The characters were all brilliant. Stuart and the bird are so adorable! Snowball the cat, well, from wanting to eat Stuart in the 1st movie, to being best friends in this sequel, I have to say it's all good. Also, I think the chemistry between them is really sweet because they embark on the adventure together, with no one else but them and there's a lot of friendship going on. Also it's great to see that Snowball always has Stuart's back like when the other cat in the restaurant wanted to eat him, he just stuck up for him.
    Stuart's personality has widened. He's not only the sweet and adorable mouse but in this movie, it shows his heroic instincts. This mainly approaches at the end of the movie, where re-fixes his old aeroplane and flies around New York to stop the Falcon and save Margalo. Which purifies his bravery and cleverness.
    In terms of animation-wise, it was good. Stuart and the bird looked believably realistic. However, my only negative point is The Falcon, who could have looked more 'in-this-world', it looked so computer-animated that it somewhat gave away it's evil instincts.
    Like I said, this sequel took a good improvement from the prequel. In this movie, there's a lot more plot and excitement to it, which scores on the fun factor. Stuart embarks on a mission to save his bird friend, Margalo meeting adventure along the way, I mean that's the sort of genre that keeps me on the edge of my seat.
    Overall, I would love to watch this movie again. It is simply a wonderful family film. To be honest, I think this film classifies as my Top Ten favourite Family films! Why? Because it's fun, charming and enjoyable. Definitely recommend.
    Stuart little 3 full movie in hindi free download hd
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    A movie you can watch with your kids
    Sure, this is a kid's movie, but it's sufficiently engaging to hold mom and dad's attention, even through repeated viewings. Little touches like having tiny Stuart wear a NY (football) Giants t-shirt and clever, and the highly stylized look of the film is just fun. The costume designer should get an award for making the costumes look sort of contemporary and 'Miracle on 34th Street' at the same time. And while the plot is predictable and telegraphs its punches, it's also gentle and doesn't drag out the scary stuff too long, which makes this a good movie for kids. A lot better than a lot of the kids movies you will run across at Blockbuster.
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    Thoroughly enjoyable
    What can I say? I loved this film! I'm 60 years old and think it may be the best thing I've seen in a long time. The lines are funny, the emotions real & it never drags. A bit far-fetched? Of course! It's a cartoon with a few cartoonish live actors..and I enjoyed it more than Finding Nemo which was also well done. Just sit back & enjoy!
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    Stuart Average
    Stuart Little 1 was a fun movie,even though there was a bit of sentimental rubbish at times. But Stuart Little 2 was almost nothing like the first film. It was not as funny, there was enough sentimental trash to choke a small horse and there were just too many American values in it. The bird friend was just ridiculous and made you want to chuck your birdwatching binoculars away and buy a shotgun. Snowbell the cat was probably supposed to be the comic relief amidst all the sentimental mayhem but was a massive failure. The falcon just went into the same category as the friendly undersized budgie: shotgun fodder. I felt sorry for my little brother who had to go through this rather unenjoyable pastiche. Things I learned from this movie: -Falcons are nasty, vicious, bloodthirsty pickpockets -cats are afraid of having their house burgled by strange, undersized budgies -Sentimentality in films is like syrup. Thick and sticky -little spectacled brats(eg George Little)belong to some strange subspecies of overgrown garden gnomes with an affection for lab rats (eg Stuart Little).
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    Inventive nature no longer new and this is only for the kids
    Mother Little (Geena Davis) is overly protective of Stuart (Michael J. Fox) and his little size. Mr. Little (Hugh Laurie) is more confident. He almost gets injured in the soccer game when brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki) scores the winning goal. George has a new friend Will. Stuart tries to fix George's model plane, he gets an unintentional ride and wrecks it. George is not happy with Stuart and they grow apart. Then canary Margalo (Melanie Griffith) falls from the sky into Stuart's car. A falcon (James Woods) is chasing them. Margalo is hurt and she stays with the Littles. It turns out that Margalo and the falcon are in it together to rob the Littles. The falcon pushes Margalo to steal mother Little's ring and she flies away. Stuart and Snowbell (Nathan Lane) set off into the scarier parts of NYC to find her while George covers for them.
    This doesn't have the fun of discovery of this charming world where a little mouse is treated as any other boy. This starts off with a strained brotherhood between George and Stuart. That could have been a good subject to explore. Instead they introduce a cute canary and sets Stuart off on a different adventure. So instead of a deeper character relationship story, it's another children's adventure story. It's still good for the kids, but not much for everybody else. The short running time also points to the thin material they're working with in this one.
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    One of the few worthy sequels

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    Warning: Spoilers
    It may not be as great as the first one but it's still enjoyable nonetheless. Stuart Little (Michael J. Fox) is comfortable living with his adoptive family and even plays on the same football team as his adopted brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki) even helping him win a game. One day while driving his car a wounded bird named Margalo drops into his car forcing him to take her home so she can heal. Unbeknownst to her she's forced to steal things for her boss Falcon (James Woods) for fear of her or Stuart being hurt by him.
    It's up to Stuart and Snowball to save their friend before Falcon gets to her. The movie still has the charm of the first one and instead of being a rehash the story's original and expands on the setting and characters as well as introduces new ones like George's friend. The effects still hold up by today's standards. The dialogue's not the best but it's still well written and their's a lot of wit. For what it is I think it's a good movie. I used to watch this as a kid and I still like it. Take it for what it's worth and see for yourself.
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    Stuart Little 2 Review

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    Warning: Spoilers

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    If you drive your own cool, red sports car to school and still you're Billy No-Mates, you've got to ask - are you a man or a mouse? Okay, so Stuart Little's tail gives the game away, but this rodent isn't lacking in courage. When his mum's wedding ring goes missing and his feathered friend Margolo becomes the suspect, our pink-nosed hero embarks on an adventure to rival anything the original had to offer.Stuart is an animation wonder - his tiny face is more expressive than most Hollywood stars', while each strand of his white fur now flutters in the breeze as he flies in a model plane over Central Park. The film's, 'You're only as big as you feel' mantra sets out a cheese feast, but Nathan Lane's sarcastic Snowbell keeps grown-ups giggling with catty comments.
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    An adorable sequel to the 1999 hit movie of the same name

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    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen this countless times before and to be quite honest I actually enjoyed it. Yes it is kind of silly in a way with a mouse(voiced by Micheal J Fox) being raised by humans(Genna Davis is the mother,Hugh Laurie from House and Blackadder is the father,and Johnathan Lippiki is his brother) but WHO CARES right.
    In this 2002 sequel we see Stuart meeting a friend who happens to be a bird (voiced by Mrs Antonio Banderas Melanie Griffith)who is working for Falcon(voiced by James Woods,who if whoever thought of Hades from Hercules voices the villain in this too,you know I think Woods here loves being the villain don't you reckon).
    The story is very heartwarming and for a running time of 80 minutes long this film can keep the kids entertained while the adults can enjoy all the sillness and cuteness of this movie.
    Overall im giving it a 6 out of 10. But I do like this movie especially that cat who is hilarious.

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