Tf 80sc

Tf 80sc fluid

2005–2010 TF-80SC T-IV Dexron III & SB101 or SB203 TR120 / TR200. Dallara 2013 Mopar 68171866A A 2010–2011 TF-80SC T-IV Dexron III & SB101 or SB203 TR120 / TR200. 2010–2014 C635 Dual Dr y Clutch Mopar 68171866A A To Be Determined N/A N/A Milano 2010–2011 Mopar 68171866A A Synthetic ATF & SB203 TR120 / TR200. 5.11 AISIN WARNER JP (Automatic Transmissions) Ltd Tel +44 (0) 1934 852772 [email protected] AF40/TF-80SC, AF21/TF-81SC FWD 6 Speed A D E 255 B C 280 281 730 712 274 273 276. Driven Transfer Gear 291 698.

I've searched here and multiple other Volvo sites and can't find a definitive answer on flushing the fluid on a six-speed automatic transmission. [I used the Gibbons method on our '02 five-speed but that does not apply to these trannys.]
I see that it has a fill plug on the top accessible near the air filter housing, and references to a level plug on the side underneath the car; is there a drain plug also underneath? What about getting fluid out of the cooler?
Any guidance / links would be most appreciated as we just hit 30k miles.

Aisin Tf 80

(AW6A-EL) and Volvo (TF-80SC). To get six speeds, this transmis-sion uses the Lepelletier geartrain. The Lepelletier geartrain can be identified by the stationary sun gear in the input planetary gearset (figure 2). Because the front planetary gearset is always rotating around the stationary sun gear, this type of transmission never achieves.