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We have a new video tutorial available which might be of interest to anyone who uses our vCenter Converter Standalone product regularly.

By default, the converter worker in VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.x encrypts the data stream using SSL. Encrypting the traffic increases security, but it can degrade performance. If you are running multiple system conversions and you are finding the performance to be a little slow, the solution in this video might be your ticket.

You can convert a powered off virtual machine that is located on an ESXi host, or on an ESXi host managed by vCenter Server. Select a VMware Hosted Virtual Machine to Convert You can convert a virtual machine created or used in a VMware hosted product, such as VMware Workstation, VMware Player, and VMware Fusion. The VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0 does not support vCenter Server and ESXi versions later than 5.0. Download and install a version later than 5.0.1. Select VMware product: Choose VMware Workstation 6.5.x. Name, Location: Accept the. VMware vCenter Converter Standalone reviewed and rated by IT pros, who share the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with tips and recommendations for getting the most out of it. Browse by category « Back to product details.

This video discusses and demonstrates disabling the SSL encryption in VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.x.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 1 VMware® vCenter Converter Standalone is a product to convert virtual and physical machines to VMware virtual machines. You can also configure existing virtual machines in your vCenter Server environment. Converter Standalone eases the exchange of virtual machines among the following products.


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For additional instructions, check out VMware Knowledge Base article Disabling SSL encryption on VMware Converter Standalone 5.0 (2020517).

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