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VIDA VOLVO 2015A Vehicle Support List XC90(-16). Ksuite 2.53 for Kess V2 V5.017 Free Download and Installation. November 2015; October 2015; September 2015. Volvo Vida Dice is the professional OBD2 scanner for Volvo cars from 1999-2015. VXDAS will share the free download link and installation notice here. Volvo Vida Dice Overview. Software Version: V2014D Latest software is 2015A, details here: Volvo Vida Dice 2015A 2. In order to install VIDA 2015 the Microsoft Windows user account has to be set to Administrator. NOTE It is not possible to run VIDA 2015 logged in to Windows with a Guest account. Try to avoid to have a domain policy that will override the normal rights for the supported user accounts. Some restrictions might make VIDA 2015 not work, e.g a.

Volvo DICE 2013D Free Download

Volvo DICE 2013D is the latest version for Volvo VIDA which able to install both Windows XP and Windows 7 platform. if you need the hardware, please shop online.

Some users are not able to install this software or the software can not run after installation, please pay attention to the following Tips.

System requirements:

Volvo Vida 2015a Download

  • Windows XP Professional SP3, Vista Buisness SP1, Windows 7 Professional is not below , is running SQL Server.
  • Does not work with antivirus and firewall.
  • RAM should be at least 3 GB.
  • Video resolution at least 1280 * 800. • 20G minimum free space on the hard drive on your C disk.
  • Powered by the browser IE8, 9
  • Password “1”

volvo dice 2013d

Free Download is available from OBDResource now, please check here:

Volvo VIDA 2015A Windows 7 installation instruction:

Laptop requirement:

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 32 bit or 64 bit
    2. Internet Explorer: 11 or newer
    3. Computer memory: i5, CPU 4G RAM or up
    4. C: space: must have 60GB
    5. Location: software must install on C://
    6. Others: It must be NTFS format

Installation instruction:

Step 1: install IE11 Browser

Vida Dice Volvo Free Download

Step 2: install VIDA 2015A

This is decent VIDA 2015 for use:

Establish a new folder on the desktop, name it as VIDA 2015A.

Open the CD, copy all the files to the new folder.

Open VIDA 2015A–Install–DVD–Vida_dvdheader–Main, click on setup

Choose VIDA All-in-one

Select language, then next

Choose destination location, next.

Yes for the license agreement

Select VCC Intranet, close

Choose “No, I will restart my computer later”

Software installation complete. Now open the VIDA 2015A, Patch 2015A, run Patch 2015A.exe, click on install.

Restart the computer

Step 3: log in VIDA 2015A

Open VIDA All-in-one icon on the desktop.

Volvo vida 2015 download utorrent

User name: 1, click on log in.



Click on run, it will show OK.

All done!

Vida 2015A software is ready for use

Important: volvo dice 2015a installation tips

Vida 2015a Free


Volvo Vida Software

  1. require a laptop made after the year 2012 with core i5+ and cpu 4gb+

2.require the browser IE 11

  1. require the disk C with more than 60gb available to install sw
  2. must copy sw from the cd to the local disk in the laptop

(might fail to install vida if users run sw from the disk)

  1. must insert the usb key when running files for installation

Volvo Vida Dice Device:

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