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Watch Tamma Tamma Again: Bollywood one of the romantic track 'Wajah Tum Ho song' from movie Wajah Tum Ho directed. Wajah Tum Ho is unappealing as a thriller, low on convincing factor and predictable despite its twists. God alone knows the plight of aspiring actors and filmmakers. They somehow land a film,. Wajah Tum Ho (वजह तुम हो) 2018 Bollywood Movie Full Public Review Sana Khan, Sharman Joshi, Gurmeet Wajah Tum Ho is a #IndianBollywood Romantic Action Dram.

Some place amidst this indicated secret thriller, the cop accountable for a murder examination, Kabir Deshmukh (Sharman Joshi) discusses how the case resembled an onion, disentangling peel by peel. Indeed, that is only a well mannered method for supporting a drawn out script in which one thing prompts to another and the film continues extending on what with one silly turn too much. Before the end of it nearly everybody on screen appears complicit in the wrongdoing to such an extent that you are certain that even the chaiwala on the edges of one of the edges would in the long run get ensnared in the homicides submitted live on GTN Television station.
Be that as it may, the vast majority of all, this onion-peel hypothesis is really a pointer to the express clumsiness of the monitor himself who couldn't join the undeniable specks toward the begin of the case; rather the critical subtle elements arrive at him at the fag end of it.
In any case, then this is a honest to goodness B (or is it C) review Hindi film and our own is absolutely not to motivation behind why. So we have the cop who lives with a disturbing little girl in Peace Asylum — the historic point Legacy lodge at Bandra's Perry Cross Street. There's the media moghul Rahul Oberoi (Rajneesh Duggal) whose Station gets hacked for broadcasting ongoing killings. Siya (Sana Khan) and Ranvir (Gurmeet Chaudhary) are legal advisors, who, when not contending against each other in court are romping in shading composed outfits to remixed renditions of melodies like buddy dil ke paas from the 1973 Dharmendra-Rakhee starrer Extortion. By chance, these affection winged animals even arrange hues for a supper date. He, oddly enough lifts a tire in one adore tune and she puts their comfortable, together photographs on the divider with schmaltzy messages like: 'Don't pass judgment on me', 'Understand I am not immaculate', 'Cherish me for my identity', 'Don't give me a chance to leave'. All things considered, on the off chance that I were him I'd have without a doubt strolled far, far from her.
She asserts that as the legitimate head she gets a six figure compensation from the media moghul. What she appears to get really are loathsome passes. 'You are debilitated,' she says. 'Your adoration is my cure,' he returns. In the interim, the camera continues moving exploitatively on the female life structures, particularly in thing tunes like Mahi Ve (Kaante, 2002). Ladies are characterized by hurling chests and exposed waists; every one of the men accompany extremely gelled hair.
In the mean time, pearls for the sake of exchange continue streaming on. In this way, in the finale, in which a considerable measure of glass is broken and some blood split, the cop, oddly enough, instructs one regarding the characters: 'Abdominal muscle tumhein dard leke jeena padega (You should live with agony).' What of the torment dispensed on the group of onlookers, you ponder.
Most performers, spare Sharman, are in dire need of voice preparing and direction in articulation. Bachcha (kid) gets declared as bacha (spare), kabr (grave) sounds like a blend of kabaad (garbage) and organizer. To aggravate matters there are glaring mistakes in the dialect itself. It could be 'all the more clear' or 'clearer' however not 'more clearer' as the film has it. Furthermore, pickpocket is okay, why pickpocketeer? Logicless, well what is that? A word utilized as a part of the court procedures in the film that could well characterize the film itself. Outlandish!

WajahSynopsis Movie Wajah Tum Ho ( 2016 ) :
During this time, Bollywood films better known as the romantic drama story. However, that does not mean there is no film work with other genres of Indian cinema. Thriller genre movie selection was quite a lot, including sequels like 'Hate Story 2' (2014) and 'Hate Story 3' (2015), directed by Vishal Pandya under house production of T-Series film that could reap success. Well, towards the end of 2016, the director returned to work on the latest film in the same genre, the crime thriller, entitled 'Face Tum Ho'.
This brand-new movie starring one of Bollywood actress Sana Khan, who had been acting with superstar Salman Khan in the film 'Jai Ho' (2014). He himself will cooperate with Sharman Joshi, who played in the movie '3 Idiots' (2009), and Rajneesh Duggal and Sherlyn Chopra. Unfortunately, until now the T-Series Film has not issued an official synopsis of the film, even though the trailer has been released on 13 October 2016. In the official trailer, it seems there are quite a lot of intimate scenes performed by Sana Khan.
The actress's own role as a lawyer in the new film's gorgeous. While Sharman Joshi played the policeman. Story movie 'Face Tum Ho' is about a murder mystery that presents many scenes were hot and very stressful. Sana Khan even really show her sexuality in the film's debut in the title role. Naturally, if the film is also referred to as the erotic thriller genre, as well as two films by director Vishal Pandya earlier, namely 'Hate Story 2' and 'Hate Story 3'.
Even though so, the story of this film is quite interesting to see and be seen. In fact, only the official trailer has been watched by many netizens shortly after it was released on Youtube. Therefore, so do not be surprised if the production team is very optimisi that their work will return a greater success. For those of you who can not wait to watch, record the official release schedule of the movie 'Face Tum Ho' is on 2 December 2016.

Movie Information :
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance
Actor : Sana Khaan, Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan
Initial release : 16 December 2016 (India)Wajah
Director : Vishal PandyaWajah tum ho videoWajah
Wajah Tum Ho Movie PlotMusic composed by : Meet Bros, Mithoon, Abhijit Vaghani
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Production Co : T-Series

Wajah Tum Ho Movie Plot List

Runtime : 136 min
IMDb Rating : 5.4/10
Watch Trailer :
Directed byVijay Anand
Produced byVinod Doshi
Written byVijay Anand
Vinod Kumar
Shatrughan Sinha
Music byKalyanji-Anandji
CinematographyN.V. Srinivas
Edited byVijay Anand
Distributed byV.R. Pictures
Vinod Doshi Productions
Digital Entertainment
Release date
Running time
146 minutes

Blackmail is a 1973 Bollywood thriller film directed by Vijay Anand. The film stars Dharmendra, Raakhee, Madan Puri, and Shatrughan Sinha. Many critics consider it one of Vijay Anand's underrated works.[1]


Dr. Khurana, an eccentric scientist, discovers a formula to generate electricity from sunlight. This discovery makes him very popular, and his formula very much in demand, while local businessman, Mr. Mehta, feels threatened – as this may means losses and eventual bankruptcy. Mehta and his associate, Jeevan, who is also his daughter's (Asha) sweetheart, connive a plan to get Asha married to Dr. Khurana's nephew, Kailash Gupta; inherit part of the estate as well as the business along with the formula; and thereby eliminate their potential bankruptcy. Their only problem is Asha, who may not cooperate, so a drama is arranged between Jeevan and her, which leads to Jeevan backing away from any marriage plans and going to settle in Europe. Asha thus agrees to marry Kailash, who has fallen head over heels in love with her. The marriage takes place, but there are misunderstandings in their lives on the very first night as Kailash feels that Asha is hiding something from him, and secretly meeting someone during odd hours of the night. Will the formula be compromised? Is Asha a part of Jeevan and her dad's plot? Who is Asha meeting at odd times?


  • Dharmendra as Kailash Gupta
  • Raakhee as Asha Mehta
  • Shatrughan Sinha as Jeevan
  • Madan Puri as Professor Ramakant Khurana
  • Iftekhar as Mr. Mehta
  • Kamal Kapoor as Dr. J.K. Shetty
  • Jagdish Raj as Mr. Das
  • Keshav Rana as Police Commissioner
  • Sammy
  • Jullian


The film contains many hit songs. 'Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho' sung by Kishore Kumar is one of the best songs, which made it so popular that it was recreated 2 times, the one recreated by Abhijit Vaghani in the 2016 film Wajah Tum Ho, and the other one from the upcoming 2019 movie of the same track name, which was a subsequent remake of it. Other songs are 'Mile Mile Do Badan, Khile Khile Do Chaman', 'Sharbati Teri Aankho Ki, Jheel Si Gehraii Mein and Main Doob Doob Doob Jata Hoon' sung by Kishore Kumar. All lyrics were by Rajendra Krishan.

  1. 'Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Tum Rahati Ho' – Kishore Kumar
  2. 'Naina Mere Rang Bhare Sapane Toh Sajaane Lage' – Lata Mangeshkar
  3. 'Mile Mile Do Badan Khile Khile Do Chaman' – Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
  4. 'Asha O Asha Tujhe Kya Hua' – Lata Mangeshkar
  5. 'Main Doob Doob Jaata Hu' – Kishore Kumar


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