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  2. WinISO 6.0 Beta4 (Dec. Supported virtual drive. Supported mounting on-the-fly (32-bit PC Only) 3. Fixed the UDF maker bug. Added Multi-language: Japanese and German. WinISO 6.0 Beta3 (Dec. Supported reading formatted CD-RW/DVD-RW in Win7. Supported dragging to open iso file. Added the detection reading.

WinISO Standard on: Jul 12th)

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1. Fixed minor bugs.

WinISO Standard

1. Added the Multi-language: Bulgarian.

2. Fixed minor bugs.

WinISO Standard V6.2

1. Added a new function: Adding mixed files and directories at a time.

2. Added Multi-language: Korean and Chinese Traditional.

3. Added the new mount module.

Winiso 6.4.1 Registration Code

4. Supported mounting ISO on 64-bit system.

5. Added the Multi-folder selection.

6. Updated the Multi-language: Arabic, French, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Spanish (Mexico).

7. Fixed some bugs

WinISO Standard V6.1


1. Supported NRG, CCD and MDS image file formats

Free Winiso

2. Added the iso image file associations and supported changing the iso file association

3. Optimized the Registration Window.

4. Added the limitation on saving file size over 500M for the Beta Version

5. Updated the interface of Multi-language: Japanese, Hungarian and German

6. Updated the Multi-language: Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian.

7. Change log: Minor UI tweaks.

8. Fixed some bugs and typos.

The advantage of WinISO Standard 6 is available here:

1. Supported the virtual drive

2. Supported mounting on-the -fly


3. Supported burning ISO Image and burning on-the-fly

4. Supported NRG, CCD and MDS image file formats


5. Supported UDF and HTS+ file systems

6. Supported bridge and unbridge file systems

7. Supported larger ISO size

8. Added Multi-language: Japanese, German and French

WinISO is a very comprehensive tool which provides everything you need to create, edit and convert disc images.

If you've an image file already, for instance (ISO, CUE/ BIN, NRG, MDF, CCD, IMG and DVD formats are supported) then you can open it in a click or two, browse the image contents, and extract the files you need with a quick drag and drop.

It's just as easy to create new ISO9660, UDF, even HFS+ images. Just choose the option you need, then either manually build up your preferred file and folder structure; drag and drop your files and folders from Explorer onto the program; or create an image directly from a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Of course you can edit images, too. Is an ISO file too large for your needs, say? Open it up, locate and remove any surplus files to free up a little space.

WinISO program has full support for reading and creating bootable image files. A simple conversion tool makes it easy to convert disc images into the format you need. And the program can even mount ISO files as Explorer files, or burn images to disc when you're ready to save them.

Winiso 6.4

Please note, this trial version of WinISO Standard will not save files greater than 500MB in size.

Version brings:

1. Added the Multi-language: Bulgarian.
2. Fixed minor bugs.


While there are free tools around which do similar things, there's no doubting WinISO's quality. This is a powerful, feature-packed tool which provides just about everything you need to work with ISO and other disc image formats.